Saturday, May 20, 2017

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More 100% accuracy from the 
Rouhani win reelection blowing the field away just as the +May 15th Prophecy proclaimed with 100% accuracy See: (The 3 Messages)

Change due to the Paradigm Shift

King Salman greeted President Trump at the airport a courtesy that was never extended to his predecessor, President Barack Obama to the military flyover and cannons that accompanied his descent from Air Force One, to a lavish cardamon coffee ceremony and medal presentation at the Royal Court, the American president on Saturday was treated like a real-life king.

Will make you do Dancing With The Sword 

The Dealmaker

It is estimated the deal will create approximately 2,500 additional jobs in the short term and a further 12,000 by 2023. Did not the +May 15th Prophecy tell you these thing?