Friday, May 19, 2017

Binocular Snapshot for 05/19/2017

LastDayWatchers in the time of The Last Trump, ISIS will be destroyed (See The Last Trump)

Donald Trump made the eradication of the Islamic State a priority during his campaign, his more muscular strategy, as well as the desire to augment intelligence, economic and communications measures to put the screw to the organization.

The eradication of Islamic State is the main objective, but the containment of Iranian influence in the region is also on the menu.
Under the Obama administration, U.S. forces steered clear of direct confrontations with Iran and its proxies across Syria, Iraq and Yemen, prioritizing the upholding of Washington’s nuclear deal with Tehran above all else.
Remembering Charlie Hebdo attacks were not just an attack on a satirical newspaper, they were an attack on the West and a challenge to the free world’s resolve, the leaders who bothered to show up recognized that, however, history will record that President Obama did not show up.
Therefore President Trump has launched the first U.S. strike on Iranian proxies during seven years of war in Syria, signaling a possible escalation against Assad’s most important ally.

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