Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Diabolical Sin of So-Called Sanctuary Cities

Sabine Durden stands at the intersection where her son, Dominic, was killed in a car accident by an undocumented immigrant.
 Dominic’s killer had two felony convictions and had already been deported to Guatemala once. Yet he made it back to the U.S., where he racked up two more charges, both of which were for drunk driving, in 2012, he pulled his car out along a residential road in Moreno Valley, California, and squarely struck Dominic’s motorcycle, he had no license, no registration and no proof of insurance. Durden’s son died instantly.
The man responsible for her son’s death was a “criminal illegal alien,” Durden said, he was charged with a misdemeanor and served 35 days in jail. His blood alcohol level registered just below the legal limit, but drunk driving was not the issue Durden had come to discuss, “I have been talking about illegal immigration since 2012 since he got killed,” Durden said, “and no one listened until Donald Trump!”