Friday, April 7, 2017

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LastDayWatchers the Lord Of Host will have you to know and understand; because of the unfaithful actions of Obama who failed in getting rid of Assad chemical weapons, therefore
President Trump will rightly win praise for his willingness to make more than a hand-wringing statement about the Syrian regime’s flouting both of international norms and its own obligations since becoming a reluctant signatory in 2013 of the convention against the use of chemical weapons, following its last major outrage of this kind.
Faced with such a vile and provocative act perpetrated on his watch, he asked his generals for an appropriate response, which they provided, the professional national security team that he now has in place in the shape of his defence secretary, James Mattis, and his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, deserves credit for this, but the final decision was, of course, the president’s.
Many Obama-era officials will regret that their own administration did not do something similar, Mr Obama still maintains that he is proud of the agreement struck with Russia in 2013, following a much more serious attack, to strip Mr Assad of his chemical weapons in return for calling off the air strikes that Mr Obama had previously threatened.
It is now clear that even despite the best efforts of weapons inspectors, President Assad hid some of his huge chemical arsenals with the intention of deploying it again when he thought he could get away with it, the question now is what happens next

The +May 15th Prophecy  have declared what will happen next with 100% accuracy

Trump’s strike signals to Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Assad: The party’s over

After years of inaction under Obama, the new president delivered the overdue message: There will be a price to be paid for massacres, for terror attacks, for the use of chemical weapons
The overnight US raid was dramatic and remarkable, especially when compared to the policy of Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, which might best be summed up in the single word “inaction.”
In less than three months, President Trump has achieved in the Middle East what Obama never sought, or even wanted to do, he has gained the trust of Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.
Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, even the leadership of the Palestinian Authority is unstintingly in its praise of his Middle East policies and his efforts to revive the peace process with Israel.
The pragmatic Sunni camp, which felt itself so at odds with Obama, finally senses that it is being heard and heeded in Washington, the US administration is building relations with the correct side in the region, rather than gambling, as Obama did, on the political Islam characterized by the Muslim Brotherhood.
Through a single, limited strike, Trump’s overnight resort to force signaled to the Shi’ite actors, and to Russia, the rules of the game have now changed: From now on, there will be a price to be paid for invading, massacring, carrying out terror attacks, using non-conventional weapons.

Such a message ought to have been delivered long ago, years ago, but Barack Obama opted not to do so. And as a consequence, the United States became perceived as weak, as afraid, as a nation that abandoned its allies in the Middle East, the overnight attack sent a very different message, especially to Assad’s opposition, Moscow’s rapid, angry reaction, and the immediate messages of support from Saudi Arabia and from the Syrian opposition, underline how successful the single US strike has been in impacting all the necessary places, not just the physical impact, either, Russia will now have to reassess its handling of the Syrian crisis. And as for Iran, Assad and Hezbollah, they will all have to weigh their next moves in what was once greater Syria with a great deal more care than before Trump hit back.

President Trump has summoned to his office and meet with every single world leaders of clout to lay out the new way going forward!
The fact that President Trump have met with all the prominent world leaders within the 1st 100 days since taking office displays how extraordinary and unprecedented his presidency have become, therefore know

Abbas to discuss peace process with Trump
 Abbas intends to hold a positive and deep dialogue with Trump based on the two-state solution, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within the pre-1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital, a solution to the “Palestinian refugee problem” and a comprehensive peace between the two sides.

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