Monday, March 20, 2017

Truth and Lies

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The current occupant of the Oval Office claimed to be a critic of the Iraq invasion at least once the 2016 presidential campaign began, but since taking office the Trump approach has been a muddled mix of machismo and autopilot. His “taking off the gloves” approach has led to a loosening of the Obama era rules of engagement meant to protect civilians. Trump promised a bold new strategy to “defeat ISIS,” but he’s offering more of the same: more troops and more bombing runs. The result of all this has been a rise in civilian casualties as reported by independent monitors.
Tragically, Trump is keeping the campaign promise he made to “bomb the shit out of them.” It’s just one more lesson that Donald Trump is capable of actually doing the outrageous and dangerous things he says he might do. The very first military action supervised by Trump was a failed raid in Yemen that reportedly killed 30 civilians including ten children. Bill Owens, the grieving father of the Navy Seal killed in the raid, showed the world that Emperor Trump has no clothes:

Fighting the good fight of faith with the TRUTH

Bush confidently declared victory aboard the USS Lincoln in May 2003 with a sign behind him reading "Mission Accomplished", for Bush and all those who reveled in the toppling of Saddam, the chain of events that would follow will forever remain a stain on their reputations.

In the era of a Donald Trump presidency, his atrocious legacy is being overlooked as he utters a line or two against the incumbent president that is music to the ears of Trump detractors, including members of the Democratic Party.

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