Friday, January 27, 2017

Observational Note

 Making good on one of his most controversial campaign promises, US President Donald Trump signed a sweeping new executive order Friday to suspend refugee arrivals and impose tough new controls on travelers from seven Muslim countries.
Theresa May laid into two decades of 'failed' liberal interventionist foreign policy, receiving three standing ovations, one congressman raved that she might be President Trump's 'long lost sister'.

The PM took part in an emotional ceremony at the national monument in Virginia, where at least 15 British forces personnel are buried, standing sombrely as the Last Post was played, The premier has enjoyed a storming start to her visit, with Republicans lavishing praise on her address to their conference in Philadelphia, house Speaker Paul Ryan posted a photo of himself with the PM on Twitter, saying it had been 'an honor' to welcome her, 'We had an excellent, wide-ranging discussion about strengthening the special relationship between our nations,' he added.

In a decisive break with the Blair and Cameron eras, the Prime Minister said the days of the UK using military force to 'remake sovereign countries in our own image' were finished.