Friday, November 18, 2016

Observational Note

There have been 4 presidencies since Iraq was invaded, 2 Bush presidencies & 2 Obama presidencies; the U.S. have been at war in the Middle East the entire time; it is the longest war America has ever waged, the cost has been staggering, fiscally and morally, it has torn Washington and all of America asunder, as the election of Donald Trump has indicated.

There is no telling when it will end. America has squandered its resources in a war that was a response to the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York in the 9/11 attack, The Obama presidency was never able to disengage from a war that the Republican regime of Bush and Cheney started. Bill Clinton reduced the national debt; according to projections at the end of his presidency, the national deb t would be paid off within 20 years or so. This has not happened; the war that Bush and Cheney started unleashed forces that they were unable to defeat; those forces drew from dissident forces in other parts of the Arab world; the cost to America has been massive, economically, morally, and politically, Obama was elected president; his job was to bring stability to the Middle East and to restore the American economy and American influence in the Middle East and in the world.

Going into Iraq was a huge failure because the U.S. were in Afghanistan, the world had turned against al-Quaeda and the Taliban was totally demoralized, all those Special Forces & all those people on the ground were diverted to Iraq and left with a residual force, they thought it was done, cracking open Iraq was, you know, THE MAIN SIN the U.S. created in the Middle East in modern times