Thursday, November 3, 2016

Countdown (Day 5) to The Landslide Victory Coming

LastDayWatchers as you see the web of corruption which reveal how rotten is THE ROTTEN ONES, know and understand which what the Lord of Host have in store  

FBI Clinton Foundation probe finds 'avalanche' of corruption' evidence against her
 An indictment is likely to be handed down in the case of the Clinton's unless investigators are obstructed by the DOJ's prosecutors.
Terry McAuliffe, which had received money from Clinton Foundation donors, gave Jill McCabe more than $500,000, prompting her husband to stand back from the Clinton Foundation investigation.
Cheryl Mills is unusual among Clinton insiders; she has already cut a deal with the FBI.
Phillipe Reines was 'deputy assistant undersecretary' for strategy, effectively her most powerful public affairs adviser.
The leaks from John Podesta emails revealed by Wikileaks have shown how he was a key player in the Clinton Foundation
Tony Podesta is the brother of Clintonworld 'dean' John Podesta but is being investigated by the FBI over taking a contract from a firm which may have been a front for corrupt cash from Ukraine's deposed president Viktor Yanukovych
Doug Band was Bill Clinton's personal aide at the White House but went on to effectively run the Foundation - then boasted in a leaked memo of making the ex-president rich
Justin Cooper' role in the secret server started at the very beginning of its operation: he registered its existence.
This is the picture Anthony Weiner sent a girl, 15, which was part of the bombshell which prompted the FBI probe, he is the husband of Huma Abedin 
Therefore see the 
Landslide Victory Coming