Monday, October 10, 2016

Countdown (Day 28) to the Landslide Victory Coming

From the May 15th Prophecy 

This is day 28 of the countdown to the 

Trump was awesome he won this debate hand down, he showed what the rest of the world is going to have to deal with which is a faithful fighter who will fight for his people.
Here what people are saying 
Trump destroyed her. Hillary's actions mean a lot more than Trump's guy talk off camera, which 95% of real men are guilty of, or they saw beautiful women and thought the things he said. If they deny it, then they're either lying or living in a monastery. Any person that's above the law like Hillary, must never be allowed in the White House. We talk about other countries being corrupt, guess what, based on what I've seen and read over the past several months regarding Hillary, we're one of those countries.
Trump did exactly what he wanted to do. Attacked Hillary on many different points, and making Hillary go on the defensive. Sorry whoever thinks Hillary won are just plain out blind, Hillary might've won last debate by a nose but Trump won this one by two noses. Crooked Hillary, now her supporters are scrambling because they thought it was the end for Trump, Hillary For President My Ass!

Maurice The Guitar Hero Exactly, if i was american i would vote Trump. Before Sanders lost to Clinton, i would've voted him to stop Hillary. Whoever says "Oh Sanders lost to her, now i'll vote her" is a total dumbass...

"because you'd be in jail" Debate successfully won.

Trump was like a poet.. His words cut through straight to her evil heart, bringing laughter & joy to millions who have been forced to endure her.

@Alex W Okay challenge accepted. She lied during the 'Red line in the sand' section. She said she was already out of the Obama administration by then. But in fact she had 2 months left in office as it happened. She is a LIAR. Now you must admit that you are wrong in supporting this crooked lying, mass murderess, ISIS / Boko Haram enabler.

As terrible as the lady who stole charity money from the people of Haiti, refused to send help to our soldiers in Benghazi who were asking for back up, and who hasn't given us at least a fake apology?

I'm from the UK and I love Trump!