Saturday, October 15, 2016

Countdown (Day 23) to The Landslide Victory Coming

N spite of RIGGING, 
Have proclaimed WHO WILL WIN with 
100% accuracy

 Donald Trump Delivers Powerful Speech Destroying The Biased Media And The Clintons! MUST SHARE

Here is what the people are saying

Make 🇺🇸 Great Again!
Sean Cash 
Amazing how the media makes it look so one sided, but Google just released their searching data..  and there are double the amount of searches for Clinton WikiLeaks vs Trump sexual harassment...  More people are concerned with Clinton than they are Trump.  This is solid proof of how badly the media is completely out of touch with the people of this country.  We will prove it on November 8th.  Forever Trump 2016 & 2020
Vlad Raileanu 
lol Trump has all media against him and he still is confident af
Randy Zuo 
Not Fox News.....
Vlad Raileanu 
most of the media* , yeah
Mississippi Woman 
I am so stressed waiting out the days for Trump to take over 😁😁
Curtis Akins 
Mississippi Woman keep waiting dumb ass
julio aranibar 
hillary has to get out
Yoshi could see up your shorts 
Go, Mr. Trump!!
Joe Reich 
Clinton and Kaine..... "The REAL Deplorables"
If he wins the MSM will make it a personal war against him and they will be sore losers and make his life a living you know what. It will be non stop lies, lies, lies and more lies, they will pound and hound that man night & day, if there is one thing I've learned about the Liberal Left is they are the biggest sore losers on earth!!! God bless Donald Trump and may his hand rest upon him on Nov. 8th and upon this nation, God bless America!
Glen Brown 
He is a very good man from glen in UK.
Janice Linett 
this man is aweful!! all he talks about is rumers instead of policy! we Dont need a reality TV star we need a president

R S 
NAFTA isnt a rumer educate yourself we are loosing our country ,signed in 93 by bill clinton and his wife is keeping NAFTA its the biggest reason we are falling many many other reasons coruption check the facts why the Clintons want us struggling
Jonpaul Chapman 
these are not rumors they are proven in the congressional court. educate yourself in the congressional presses before you speak since you obviously don't have a clue.
Donald Laramee 
Trump will be the greatest president
Dana Busche 
Trump I stand with as well as my family and friends....we will make America Great Again