Thursday, October 20, 2016

Countdown (Day 18) to Landslide Victory Coming

LastDaywatchers as the countdown gets closer to election day take a look at the failures of Afghanistan which continues to manifest itself
Afghan soldier opened fire on a group of Americans at a military depot near Kabul on Wednesday, killing two and wounding another three in the latest outbreak of “green on blue” insider violence
After 15 years of conflict with little success to show for it - it is past time to realize if you’ve been playing poker for half an hour and don’t know who the patsy at the table is, then you are the patsy, Afghans know how to manage the American officers passing through their country.
The Pentagon officials say the afghan forces need air support, intelligence and help with logistics.
Why is it the Afghan military needs these capabilities when the Taliban have been able to achieve such success without them?
Despite a 2010 surge by U.S. forces military reports now estimate that 85 percent of Helmand is controlled by the Taliban, “We’re like a Band-Aid on a bullet wound,” one U.S. adviser said of the U.S. presence.
UN report: More children dying from conflict in Afghanistan

And you will see why there is 
The Landslide Victory Coming