Thursday, September 8, 2016

Info on Tap

The majority of Americans do not want measured, lukewarm progressive positions that keep systems intact

Most of all, when I look at these two candidates I see a clear choice between a successful entrepreneur and a corrupt politician; a family man honest about his failings and a hypocrite involved in a sham marriage. A person with a vision (agree with it or not) for America, and someone willing to endanger her entire country’s national security with a private email server simply to hide the truth about her words, actions and beliefs. Moreover, the cynical manipulation of the Democratic National Committee to gain unfair advantage over her opponent reveals an endemic propensity for deceit. She would have won fair and square. But that’s just not her way.

Clinton voted for regime change in Iraq, saw the results and proclaimed them a mistake, and then pushed for regime change in Libya while secretary of state, achieving similarly disastrous results. 

The only lesson she appeared to have learned is that it is politically costly to put American boots on the ground, even if Trump arrived at his position that regime change without a plan for what will come later brings chaos and terror only last week, that looks pretty good compared to Clinton’s results.

How can I be sure Donald Trump will be better for Israel? I can’t. But at least he gives me hope. I fully admit that, as an American who lives in Israel, I personally loathe and distrust Hillary Clinton.