Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Observational Note

The Iraq War was a war of choice as Iraq posed no immediate nor distant threat to the UK or British interests, now the Iraq war continues to scar us today, and none more so than the rise and rise of Islamic extremism.

The recent Brexit vote provides the fourth lesson: the death of expertise. The Blair government's use and abuse of intelligence product has undermined the public's confidence in expert advice. No longer can the government trot out experts to validate its case, the trashing of dozens of eminent economists, trade experts, scientists, lawyers, academics by the Leave campaign has its origins in the Blair government's packaging of the Iraq intelligence picture.

Up to a million joined in the biggest demonstration in British history, most unconvinced by the government's claims that Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction (WMD), or that he posed an imminent threat to the country.

The government's infamous "sexed-up" September dossier on Iraq's threat made the claim that it was actively producing biological and chemical weapons that could be launched within 45 minutes, a very flimsy piece of intelligence, received from a source on trial and which was itself sub-sourced, underpinned the certainty with which these these statements were made

That Blair's government had ignored such a large mobilisation of public outrage, shows Blair and Bush were just trying to find reasons to make it happen, even though it was clearly unpopular and thought by millions to be unjustified

A successful Chilcot report will be one which sees actionable legal charges brought against the main offenders in the Iraq War. Anything less then that is a failure, actions must be seen to be taken to name, reprimand and properly admonish those which the report implicates … Then and only then a semblance of trust and confidence might be restored.

Most Americans now realize, were incorrect, and the war's legacy, creating a legion of shattered veterans, a broken Iraq and a stronger Iran remains with us today.

George W. Bush's messianic conviction distorted his leadership in the days following 9/11, he "was in over his head," and he bumbled into the invasion of Iraq by using bogus intelligence.

In the past week, as the holy Muslim month of Ramadan has been drawing to a close, IS claimed a string of high-profile events, including a triple suicide attack against Istanbul’s main airport; a raid and hostage-taking in Dhaka, Bangladesh; and, as well as the Baghdad bomb, three separate suicide attacks in Saudi Arabia on Monday.

They are changing their method from an ideological war to a secret, underground one. They are reactivating these [bombing] operations, and the tempo will sometimes be up and sometimes be down