Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Binocular Snapshot for 06/15/2016

LastDayWatchers those of the flesh the truth hurts, those of the spirit the truth edify
Here is the truth, there is a whole lot of ISIS personnel who received big time payoffs from General David Petraeus, which is another example to the failure of the so-called "Success of the Surge" the +May 15th Prophecy  been telling you all along
I want to know who are the soldiers carrying suitcases with $50 million, how stupid are we? I wouldn’t be surprised if those soldiers, if the cash wasn’t there.
Because of the diabolical schemes of the United States by reason of the Pawn of Satan George W Bush, the U.S. thought they were buying influence, but the opposite has occurred
Just as it have been written down well before hand with 100% accuracy at LastDayWatchers, therefore see what happen next