Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Binocular Snapshot for 05/04/2016

LastDayWatchers know and understand

The level of dissatisfaction with the establishment is sky high, and Clinton and her husband are symbol of it.
The flip side of having no voting record and no consistent views is that you can reshape your positions at will to suit the moment, watch Trump, the master huckster; because soon enough his story will be yoked with and compared to Clinton’s, which will make it easier for Trump to slide by in the resulting din.
The closer Trump gets to the White House, the more frightening he becomes, the more desperate his enemies become, the more eyeballs are focused on smartphones and TV sets, that means more billions in “free” media for Trump.
There are five large blue states in which he could compete, especially for the votes of those former Reagan Democrats,which are Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, they represent more than enough electoral votes to send Trump to the White House, not to mention New York or California (which I will get to later)

They will use them as suicide jet bombers on the Green Zone , the U.S. Naval Fleet and key installations throughout the region
Iran sank a replica of a U.S. aircraft carrier near the strait in February 2015 and it is testing “suicide drones” that could attack ships.

The U.S. and Iran have a long history of confrontations in the Persian Gulf. They even fought a one-day naval battle on April 18, 1988, after the near-sinking of the missile frigate USS Samuel B. Roberts by an Iranian mine during the Iran-Iraq war. That day, U.S. forces attacked two Iranian oil rigs and sank or damaged six Iranian vessels, a few months later, in July 1988, the USS Viennese in the strait mistook an Iran Air flight heading to Dubai for an attacking fighter jet, shooting down the plane and killing all 290 people on board.

We must be present in that region (the Persian Gulf), hold war games and demonstrate power, it is Americans who should explain why they have come here from the other side of the world and stage war games.

From God's Word inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers with 100% accuracy!