Friday, May 20, 2016

Info On Tap

Extremist and dangerous forces have taken over Israel and the Likud movement and are destabilizing our home and threatening to harm its inhabitants, to my great regret, I have found myself lately in deep disagreement over professional and ethical issues with the prime minister.

I have fought with all my strength against radicalization, violence and racism in Israeli society, which threatens its resilience and percolates also into the IDF, already causing it harm, I have fought with all my strength against attempts to harm the Supreme Court and Israel’s judges, processes whose result will cause grave damage to the rule of law and could be disastrous for our country, This is not the Likud I joined — the Likud of Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Menachem Begin

Ya’alon’s seat in Israeli parliament is set to be taken by an extremist activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick, who vociferously campaigns to expand Jewish presence on the Al Aqsa compound, also known as the Temple Mount.

The site is holy to Muslims as well as to Jews, and has been the epicentre of the increased conflict and violence over the past nine months. Mr Glick has carried a gun ever since he was nearly assassinated by a Palestinian attacker in 2014 as he exited a conference on the Jewish presence on the holy esplanade.

The global system cannot hold together without an activist and generous American foreign and defense policy.