Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Info on Tap

Britain's Chilcot Inquiry will finally be released on July 6. To say it's highly anticipated would be an understatement.

Although the inquiry began seven years ago and last held public hearings in 2011, the report's release has been repeatedly delayed in large part because of disagreements about what classified information can be released. In fairness, it certainly sounds as if it will be comprehensive. In Chilcot's letter to Prime Minister David Cameron announcing the publication date, he reveals that it ran to 2.6 million words. For reference, that's more than twice the words in the entire Harry Potter series and three times the number of words in the King James Bible.

It is outrageous that this vital report should have been delayed, even worse it is delayed on the thinnest of excuses, until after the EU referendum and it is the most disgraceful thing of all to put the stitching up the referendum ahead of the rights of the families of the Iraqi war dead

Matthew Jury, a solicitor who is acting for 29 families of British soldiers who died in the Iraq War, said: “If national security checking of the report took two weeks, the Families are bewildered by the Inquiry’s position that it needs another two months for the simple tasks of proofreading and formatting.

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