Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Contraction to the Birth Pains

LastDayWatchers mountains from across the world are exploding at unprecedented rates just as the +May 15th Prophecy  told you would occur! 

In the last few days explosion are happening on the same day or a few apart

Mt Sinabung in Indonesia, huge volcano erupted blowing toxic ash and magma over a 7.5 mile radius.

Etna in Italy, erupts, spewing lava into Sicilian sky, its strongest eruption in years

Mt Fuego in Guatemala, Explosions have become stronger and more frequent, ash plume is rising to approximately 5,000 metres

Mt Turrialba in Costa Rica, Is Spewing Ash Nearly Two Miles High

The Newest Collection from LastDayWatchers is called "Johnny Come Lately is Too Late" is a collection of articles from the blind media realizing now what they should have known then

To all the people who believed the lies from the Pawn of Satan George W Bush about the so-called "Iraq Awakening" and the "Success of the Surge"

This from The National Interest "The Sahwa collapsed, is not here anymore, Daesh started by attacking undercover, assassinating people, hitting checkpoints

One day Iran was our enemy, but now Iran is helping us fight our enemy"

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