Tuesday, May 17, 2016

100% Accuracy

"This is going on in the U.S. with Donald Trump on the one side and Bernie Sanders on the other side, but frankly it’s happening all over Europe" 
What going on?

The +May 15th Prophecy  told you that you would see the same results from the little big brother of Ephraim (Britain) and the big little brother of Manasseh (United States) and by extension Canada, of God causing the people to hold their Iraq War parties into account which is why
  • Justin Trudeau surprisingly won in Canada
  • Jeremy Corbyn surprisingly won in Britain
  • Donald Trump surprisingly won in United states

However that which is a surprise to the world (who is blind & lost), is clearly made known to you who believe God's Word with 100% accuracy keeping you Ahead of the Curve remembering each outcome was told to you well beforhand