Saturday, April 9, 2016

M15P Social Conversations

David James 
Great question and very candid answer on the topic of Drone strikes @1:10:40
Leon Davis 
+David James, I first came across this video when reading an article that reference the great question you mention which is

"How are these killings morally and legally justified, and what kind of message does this drone program send about American values to the world, the American people, and to law students like myself who refuse to put trust in an opaque process."

Obama responded @1:11:29 with a "candid answer" as you said, I myself think he was honest and should be given credit for the processes he has put in place relative to what was in place before.  

However he will not be given a pass for the actions of the United States for failing to stand up for the righteousness of the nation

He said "He made decisions as best as he could" which is not good enough, which will become clear in these ensuing years when the Beast comes to power using the same methods as Obama, with 100% accuracy you will see!


Israel has incurred as a result of the Jerusalem intifada, 1,516 attacks were carried out during the first five months of the intifada, including 296 operations that led to Israeli casualties through individual-organized operations.
When taking into account that Israel is based on security and economy, the current intifada is causing panic in the Israeli society, that 77% of the Israeli settlers no longer feel secure, of whom 52% do not feel safe at all, and 25% feel insecure, according to the Israeli statistics, we can then conclude that the intifada is causing real losses to Israel.
Israel has mobilized 27 military battalions to confront the intifada and this means a state of attrition to the Israeli society, 80% of the population in some cities, where the intifada operations occur, stay inside their homes at certain times; in addition to great losses in the tourism sector and other sectors.

The Jerusalem intifada is also distinguished for being carried out by youths, who are not affiliated with factions and do not have a leadership that could be targeted and eliminated by Israel. Furthermore, there is a remarkable participation of Palestinian young women in the attacks

The U.S. invasion of Iraq unleashed the forces now playing out across the Middle East as the the regional picture is dismal in what Jordanian King Abdullah now refers to as the Third World War.

The garbled post-invasion strategy installed a Shi’ite-dominated, Iranian-supported government in Baghdad, with limited Sunni buy-in, Sectarian fighting and central-government corruption favoring the Shi’ites drove non-ideologues without jobs, and religious zealots with an agenda, together.

Now the party of Abraham Lincoln is coming apart at the seems and is imploding at Armageddon like speed, thanks to George W Bush invading Iraq (no thanks).