Monday, April 25, 2016

Info on Tap

Abbas Araqchi, who is also a top nuclear negotiator, said the United States had been the first buyer of Iranian heavy water and some other world powers, including Russia, were now showing an interest.

In January Iran removed the core of its Arak heavy water nuclear reactor and filled it with cement as required under a nuclear deal. The United States, Russia and China have agreed to participate in the redesign and the construction of a modernized reactor.

Iran agreement with Airbus, which is worth $27 billions, envisages purchasing 118 new planes by Iran. The country has also conducted advanced trade talks with Boeing, A320 and A330 passenger jets which will be handed over to Iran’s national flag carrier Iran Air within the next months.

Tehran on Sunday night on board of the first Air France jet to land in Iran in eight years - added that negotiations are at the same time underway with the administration of President Barack Obama to receive the required authorizations for sales of planes to Iran.

Iran exported 4.1 million tons of steel in the past Persian calendar year which ended on 22 March 2016 thus setting a new record in sales of the strategic product to international markets.