Monday, March 28, 2016

Binocular Snapshot for 03/28/2016

LastDayWatchers know and understand

Many Arabs are in the employ of Israel, some of them are regimes and some are spies, the regimes are known and familiar, and the Israeli spies work for themselves, for this reason, the war must have goals and lead to results, for Israel, the price paid is crucial, in people, morale and economics

Hezbollah, by means of its preparedness, wisdom, location and statements, has made Israel understand that any war on Lebanon will exact an enormous price, and that the end result would have to justify that price. Israel is afraid for the lives of its settlers (in his view, all of Israel is a settlement) and this is the pressure point we can use. Israelis know that Hezbollah has accurate missiles capable of reaching every spot in occupied Palestine (occupied since 1948, that is), and we are talking about a war in which we will defend our land, nation and family, that is, in which we are attacked. Therefore, when faced with that situation, we intend to defend our land, when the Israeli says that he wants to hit Lebanon’s infrastructure and set Lebanon back 300 years, we must stress that we are not weak.

The problem is not only the ammonia containers in Haifa, because in Israel there are factories, it seems as though the Israelis have international and Arab security guarantees, or a positive view of Arab regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt who will come to its aid in time of war
Israel thinks that it won’t be attacked by real missiles, which is why it built petrochemical and biological factories, atomic reactors, storage facilities for radioactive substances, nuclear warheads, with these factories and reactors located within cities or in proximity to them, some right next to cities and if Israel decides to destroy our infrastructure we are justified in attacking any of those targets in order to deter the enemy.

If we assume that we will attack those targets, what will the Zionist entity have to return to? After all, if these targets are located within urban areas, we have the right to bomb those areas. Israel is making plans and we have a list of factories, storehouses, and centers, their exact location, and Hezbollah has every possibility (of attacking them). Nothing will help the Israelis in that case, and they know that the price will be massive…there are biological institutes that manufacture everything Israel needs or exports. And when I observe the (Zionist) entity, I say: ‘They know the Arab regimes have accurate missiles, so how could they build their reactors and industries inside cities?’ I have no explanation for that except for the guarantees given them by certain Arab regimes.

In the July 2006 and Gaza 2008-9, 2012,2014 wars, the Israelis claimed that several statesmen in Arab regimes demanded they not stop the fighting, and that Israel is familiar with the desires of several Arab regimes the Saudis who would like nothing more than to destroy Hamas and Hezbollah, therefore Hezbollah has the right to have weapons in order to withstand Israeli violations, Israel sees itself as free to invade Lebanon’s skies whenever it wants to, as well as breaking into Lebanese websites, Lebanon is actually under constant Israeli attack.
Some think we are busy with Syria and therefore cannot enter a war with Israel but we have a group a missile unit that concentrates solely on Israel

There is no reason we should reveal the information on the types of weapons in our possession, but we have the right to have any weapons that will allow us to protect the Lebanese Army, the Lebanese people and the armies in the region (Syrian and Iranian) in order to protect their lives and sovereignty, any attack on Lebanon will result in a suitable response, no one gives guarantees and we are not in a position to exchange messages with the Israeli enemy, we are not interested in communicating with them in any way. We will not offer security guarantees to our enemy, we will simply tell him: Don’t’ attack!

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