Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Binocular Snapshot for 01/26/2016

LastDayWatchers now watch regarding the Twins the +May 15th Prophecy  warn you about

The leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and the President of Iran met Tuesday at the Vatican, a face-to-face encounter that speaks to a changing geopolitical landscape and both men's significant role in it.
The parties highlighted the importance of inter-religious dialogue and the responsibility of religious communities in promoting reconciliation, tolerance and peace

As the multiple in a day contractions

The Colima volcano in western Mexico experienced three new explosions and a series of minor expulsions just days after earlier volcanic rumblings which led to the initial evacuation warnings.
It is the second Mexican volcano to be placed under an evacuation warning after the Popocatépetl Volcano, both near Mexico City and Peubla, sent a mile-high plume of ash and smoke into the air during an unexpected eruption.

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