Monday, January 25, 2016

Binocular Snapshot for 01/25/2016

LastDayWatchers the +May 15th Prophecy told you that Iran would not be isolated, rather the "Estate" to the little horn will continue to grow, as President Hassan Rouhani will meet Pope Francis and French President Francois Hollande
Leading a 120-strong delegation that includes Iranian entrepreneurs as well as the oil and gas minister and other government officials for five days in Paris and Rome.

The visit also comes as global diplomats are trying to arrange the first peace talks in two years to end the Syrian civil war.

The government of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was due to sign about 17 billion euro ($18.36 billion) in deals Monday after meeting with Mr. Rouhani, 

Tehran is demanding European firms locate technological know-how and factories inside Iran

As the contractions to the birth pains becomes more acute as you will multiple within the same day

Magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Alaska today southwest of Anchorage, local residents say the shaking lasted 30 seconds and continued to get bigger and bigger as time went on.

Two smaller earthquakes followed the larger M 7.1 earthquake within 2 hours, one of M 4.0 and the other M 3.2. The shaking caused road damage, structural damage to walls and foundation, and a gas leak in Kenai that led to the evacuation of homes.

6.3-magnitude earthquake struck in the Mediterranean early on Monday, causing some material damage in southern Spain and northern Morocco, Spanish national television showed panicked people on the streets in coastal cities in southern Spain as well as in Melilla, 

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