Monday, December 21, 2015

Info on Tap

Lots of polls are under-reporting Trump’s overall support, online surveys have tended to show Trump with support of nearly 4 in 10 GOP voters, while telephone surveys have shown him with one -third or fewer, Morning Consult polling results suggest that the higher figure probably provides the more accurate measure.

Morning Consult polling director Kyle Dropp pointed out the gap between online and telephone surveys has narrowed significantly in surveys taken in the last few weeks, that could suggest that Republicans who were reluctant to admit to backing Trump in the past have become more willing to do so recently.

One of the deadliest attacks against American forces in Afghanistan this year, a Taliban suicide bomber on a motorcycle drove into a military convoy near Bagram Air Base on Monday, killing six American soldiers

The attack came as Taliban forces have continued grabbing territory across Afghanistan, dragging more American troops directly into the fight despite commanders’ continued insistence that the focus of the NATO force remains on training and advising.

A Pentagon report last week found that the security situation in Afghanistan had deteriorated over the past six months. “The overall security situation in Afghanistan deteriorated with an increase in effective insurgent attacks and higher ANDSF and Taliban casualties,”