Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Collection #53

God on May 15th 2007 declared to his faithful what would soon occur for these last days, which have become known as the +May 15th Prophecy God has given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and also the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit for the Lord God does nothing without 1st revealing his secret to his servants the prophets, therefore no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit, therefore their prophecy is true and correct


=shows how excuses goes are the way back to the beginning of time and is accompanied with death, with the Pawn of Satan George W Bush using excuses, no repentants to fulfill the word of Habakkuk which starts the War on Islam which is the preparatory stage for the reign or the Son of Satan who is the Beast       

=Further highlight God Curse put upon President Obama which has been magnified by 4, show Iran is still making symbols to it's uprooting of the 1st 3 horn this one being the second horn of Lebanon, give God warning of what happen to Israel during the Great Tribulation because it is "Oh So Close"  

=Animated slide show that give the "watcher" a brief synopsis of the May 15th Prophecy!

=Only the LastDayWatchers has been given the truth of God Word regarding the message written by Habakkuk who's words would speak in the last days, the world can not understand, showing how the spying done to Lebanon is explain in the Habakkuk 2:15t by the Iraq Invader, warns you to watch the coagulation of the horns just before they form to bring the Ascension, and watch the contractions to the birth pains

=Animated slide show that give the "watcher" a brief synopsis of the May 15th Prophecy!

=show the fact that Amos, Lamentations and Habakkuk remain silent during the Event Horizon period leading up to the Great Tribulation is God proof of the apostate nature Israel is in, Judah demolitions & constructions signs of the harden heart, gives meaning and examples of the terms Pyrrhic Victory and how it applies to God curse of the Bush and Obama Administrations both of which taking bribe from the rich to sell out the poor forsaking justice at the gates


=shows how the BP oil spill is just a manifestation of the 100% accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy of God Curse upon Ephraim & Manasseh that will be magnified & compounded, Iran paradigm shift in effect at the NPT Conference, the China reminder, and the weakening of the harden heart who are      "wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" and will continue to act in a "unfaithful, unrighteous and defiant" way as the Gaza Flotilla displayed 
=Shows how God has kept the LastDayWatchers ahead of the curve in regard to the truth of the events that happening today, The New York Time Square Pakistan extension, the effects of Iran paradigm shift, Iraq cleric being the final arbiter in politics,,,videos that reminds how the masses were mislead into looking for a 40yrs old white guy taking off his shirt and great video of the star Rigel

=Further explains the unfaithful posture mention by God in the book of Judges, how you can see the displayed of Israel (which includes Ephraim & Manasseh) unfaithful with is leading them unto lawlessness, point out the feature of the beast    

= Explain the importance of have the correct posture to God Word by highlighting the Word of victory God gave to Gideon and the 300 men by which he saved Israel, tell of the new link LOUPE that give almost daily updated in between God revelation that will come inside the May 15th Prophecy at LastDayWatchers 

=shows the Turkey military Operation "Sledgehammer" coup attempt was prophesied back in 2007, highlight   the continual failure of the descendants of Jacob in all matter of foreign policy, overt & covert operations as God in his Word has promised to fulfill 
you shall not prosper in your ways; you shall be only oppressed and plundered continually

Video that show Iran know about U.S. helping Jundollah leader Abdolmalek Rig back in march 2009
= highlight the continual Hypocritical actions of the leader of Israel that our Lord warn us to watch for, videos includes Pawn of Satan George W Bush lying about situation in Lebanon, but as he said "time will tell" for people to really see the truth about what Hizbullah has achieved, 

video of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressing the people if Iran and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addressing of Lebanon is more evidence of the how widespread and popular is their support by the Ummah 

As oppose to the propaganda of Israel, Britain and United States that would have their people believe they can isolate them to divide and conquer them 

= shows how the vote in Massachusetts is only a shadow of thing to come as Obama goes forward as oppose to turning back to God, point out the different between Israel, Judah and Jacob that the LastDayWatchers need to pay attention to