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Collection #48

God on May 15th 2007 declared to his faithful what would soon occur for these last days, which have become known as the +May 15th Prophecy God has given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and also the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit for the Lord God does nothing without 1st revealing his secret to his servants the prophets, therefore no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit, therefore their prophecy is true and correct

When the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour.

And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

 Jesus quoted from Mark 15:33-34

there have been many people who have sited the above verse as an example that even Jesus doubted God if only for a second.

Such people are like the false prophet I regularly site in the May 15th Prophecy who's discernment is poor, their theology is weak and their interpretation is flawed.

But the May 15th Prophecy use the above verse not to lay into those who come to that erroneous conclusion, instead to show you the 100% accuracy of God's Word

The reason Jesus utter those word on the cross was not a act of doubts, rather it was a statement of faith, as he was giving testimony to what David had wrote in Psalm 22:1-31

David being filled with the holy spirit prophetically proclaim the 100% accuracy with exact detail of the death & resurrection of Christ and of his ultimate exaltation

Psalm 22 verse 1
MY GOD, my God, why have You forsaken me?

Did Jesus not say that with 100% accuracy?

verse 6
But I am a worm, and no man; I am the scorn of men, and despised by the people.

Didn't the people reject and despised him when they spit upon & merciless beat him to scorn with 100% accuracy?

verse 7-8
All who see me laugh at me and mock me; they shoot out the lip, they shake the head, saying,

He trusted and rolled himself on the Lord, that He would deliver him. Let Him deliver him, seeing that He delights in him!

Did they not mock and ask him to save himself if he truly be the Son of God with 100% accuracy?

verse 14-15
I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint. My heart is like wax; it is softened with anguish and melted down within me.

My strength is dried up like a fragment of clay pottery; with thirst my tongue cleaves to my jaws

Did not the solider thrust his spear unto him and water poured out?

Is it not a 100% accurate and perfect description of the result of someone being crucified

All my bones are out of joint

Is the result when your bone become disjointed because of your body weight from hanging on the cross.

My heart is like wax

Is the the 100% accurate picture when that body weight put pressure on on your chest & lungs making your heart feel "like wax".

My tongue cleaves to my jaws

Is the result as breathing becomes harder and harder and your head hang against you chest

Verse 16
They pierced my hands and my feet

This never happen to David, so how could he know this would happen with 100% accuracy?

Verse 18
They part my clothing among them and cast lots for my raiment

Is that not what happen?, how could David have known all this in advance with 100% accuracy and exact detail?

Now come the great and glorious part that show with 100% accuracy that every knee shall bow before the one that hung on the cross and worship him who has been resurrected from the dead

Verse 29
All the mighty ones upon earth shall eat [in thanksgiving] and worship; all they that go down to the dust shall bow before Him, even he who cannot keep himself alive"

Now you see that even to his last dying breath, Jesus final act is expressing not doubt but faith by claiming this promise that God the Father would raise him to the exalted status that

All they that go down to the dust shall bow before Him, EVEN HE WHO CANNOT KEEP HIMSELF ALIVE

That why Jesus said what he said on the cross, to fulfill the Word with 100% accuracy

Foolish is the man that believe not God's Word and his ability to carrier it out

God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent

Hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

Just like God has made good with 100% accuracy on his promise regarding the curse he would put on the political house of "the proud man [the Chaldean Invader]" the Pawn of Satan George W Bush party.

Not only has the Republican party lost the last 2 elections overwhelmingly and are at the lowest point with the American people as of any time within their entire history which includes defection and being leaderless to more sex scandal news

It is important to remember what the May 15th Prophecy warn you back in 2007 about this curse put upon George W Bush and one of the reasons why.

Therefore it is important to remember, the leader of that party and the nations as well, is being led by a leader who have laid at the alter of a strange god naked and masturbating

Now see with 100% accuracy how that fleshly evil spirit is still playing itself out to bring about the demise of this "the proud man [the Chaldean Invader]" the Pawn of Satan George W Bush political party.

Republican Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, who admitted on Tuesday carrying on an extramarital affair with a woman who was on his campaign staff, has stepped down from his leadership post, the Associated Press reports.

Ensign was chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, the fourth-ranking spot in the leadership.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Gov. Mark Sanford, a rising star among conservative Republicans, admitted Wednesday to an affair with a woman in Argentina, where he spent last week after he disappeared from public view and his wife said she didn't know where he was.

"I've let down a lot of people," said Sanford, who resigned as chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

What about the economic curse God has place on the "the proud man [the Chaldean Invader]" who is a Pawn of Satan, remember it was the May 15th Prophecy that declare God has curse the house of George W Bush and the nation as well because the proud man cannot stay at home which Habakkuk write with 100% accuracy.

(See: Hell & The Economy)

The May 15th Prophecy told you this curse would result in a financial meltdown that he would leave to someone else to pay to the financial devastation of the nation

President Bush who is the proud man spoken of by God prophet Habakkuk who will bring shame to his house; is the same man who is cursed for taking that which is not his; will continue to load up on debt he cannot repay with what he must repay!

(See: The Fire Starter, The Perfect Position and the Ominous Reminder)

U.S. debt swelling to historic amounts

This year, the government is borrowing 50 cents of every dollar it spends. If that were just a blip caused by a historic financial crisis that necessitated a $787 billion fiscal stimulus and a $700 billion bank rescue in the space of about three months, there would be little cause for concern.

But it is not a blip. It is a relentless curve of red ink that will, within the decade, take U.S. debt levels to the record reached at the end of World War II, from 40 percent of the nation's output now to 80 percent, and then rapidly thereafter into the realm of banana republics.


That means people, instead of having money to buy a home, have to send it to the government to pay the interest on the debt," Gregg, R-N.H., said in an interview. "There are no ways around this. This is not academic. It's not theoretical. It's real. The numbers are there.


Did not the May 15th Prophecy with 100% accuracy warn you of the economic collapse that will led to a depression?

Remember it was the May 15th Prophecy that told you "Bank after Bank would fail" well before the term "Bank Bailout" or anything was known about this thing they call a "Corporate Bailout"!!

Remember it was the May 15th Prophecy that told you people would lose their home, jobs and assets at unprecedented levels well before any of this.

Mounting U.S. jobless claims force states to borrow

 Fifteen states have depleted their unemployment insurance funds so far, forcing them to borrow from the U.S. Treasury. A record 30 of the country's 50 states are expected to have to borrow up to $17 billion by next year, said Rick McHugh of the National Employment Law Project, a nonpartisan advocacy group.

Americans' net worth shrinks $1.33 trillion in 1Q

American households lost $1.33 trillion of their wealth in the first three months of the year as the recession took a bite out of stock portfolios and dragged down home prices.

May U.S. foreclosures third highest on record

U.S. foreclosure activity for May ebbed from April's record, but mortgages still failed at a staggering pace as President Barack Obama's rescue programs had not had time to fully take root, RealtyTrac said on Thursday.

Foreclosure filings dipped 6 percent in the month but increased 18 percent from May 2008, marking the third highest month on record, there were almost one million foreclosure filings in a three-month period, and that's simply unprecedented," Rick Sharga, senior vice president at RealtyTrac in Irvine, California, said in an interview

The May 15th Prophecy told you with 100% accuracy that "City after City will go bankrupt", which has caused the states heartburn to try and balance their budgets

Cuts, tax hikes, stimulus help most states avert 'doomsday' crises

States start their new budget year Wednesday, reeling from the recession but sparing most citizens from painful cuts in education and health care.

Arizona, California, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are among states still struggling to approve budgets for the 2010 fiscal year, which begins Wednesday in 46 states. Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Wisconsin were among states adopting budgets shortly before the deadline.

God Word has given the May 15th Prophecy it 100% accurate status as God continue to show you LastDayWatchers how authentic is the veracity of his divine Word written by an unworthy vessel just like he did with King David in Psalm 22!

Just like Psalm 22, the May 15th Prophecy has written down the correct meaning & proper description of events well before the the actual event so that no one can ignorantly say the May 15th Prophecy is just taking news articles and twisting current event.

LastDaywatchers know this truth, the children of light are called, chosen and are few; they are wise to know God's Word when they hear/read it.

The children of darkness are MANY, they are ignorant of God's Word and will talk ignorantly of it, therefore they do not understand the 100% accuracy of the Word written by Amos when he states

Ye have built houses of hewn stone, but ye shall not dwell in them


The May 15th Prophecy Another Year in Review, What Is Now)

For you children of the light here is a report that is further evident of the 100% accuracy of what the May 15th Prophecy have been amplifying what Amos meant when he wrote

Yye have built houses of hewn stone, but ye shall not dwell in them

This report is just another knowledgeable example for you to consider whenever you encounter the propaganda "the economy is getting better and the effect of the stimulus are starting to pay off", which is just a deliberate attempt to get you to look past the horror of the truth to get you to feel "confident"

(*Note* it is best to view this report in full screen mode by clicking the icon in upper right corner of this frame, then hit the back button to return reading the May 15th Prophecy ** Addendum ** for 2011-2012 projections click Commercial Real Estate Apocalypse 2011-2012 )

It has always been the strategy of people in the know (in the money, in the loop) to hid assets while telling the masses to invest (remember the Bernie Madoff scandal), it is little wonder why Corporate Executive "selling" not buying is the norm.

Pessimistic executives cash out of shares

new data showed that leading US corporate executives were cashing out of their share holdings at a rapid pace.

Executives in charge of the largest US companies sent a signal of their concerns by selling far more shares than they bought this month, according to data based on Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Share sales by so-called company insiders are outstripping purchases so far this month by more than 22 times. TrimTabs, the investment research company, said insiders of S&P 500 listed companies have unloaded $2.6bn in shares in June, compared with $120m in purchases.

The smartest players in the US stock market – the top insiders who run public companies – are not betting their own money on an economic recovery,” said Charles Biderman, chief executive of TrimTabs.

Now with regard to Lebanon, you LastDayWatchers already know what the May 15th Prophecy has declared about it with 100% accuracy, notice as you watch how the children of darkness are gullible enough to believe that a great victory has been won by the West against Hezbollah with the election results earlier this month.

But the truth is Hezbollah has only become even stronger because all of their candidates won which further enlarged their influence which is the real reason you now see high level meeting are starting to take place

MP Walid Jumblat has described a meeting with Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as "good and frank" refusing to give more details, according to the Lebanese daily al-Akhbar on Saturday.

Thursday's meeting between al-Mustaqbal Movement leader MP Saad Hariri and Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah was preliminary for discussing the formation of the next cabinet. However, the meeting is to be followed later on once Hariri is designated by President Suleiman

Hizbullah parliamentary leader Mohammad Raad met British Ambassador to LebanonFrances Guy on Thursday in the first such talks in the country between the group'spolitical wing and a senior UK official.

The talks covered the recent elections and the situation in the region," Raad said in a statement following the meeting in the Lebanese parliament

You don't meet at this level with a party that just lost you marginalize them, particularly a "terrorist organization", however you are compelled to do that with a party that has power!

Avi Issacharoff said it best when he wrote "With last summer's violent showdown, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah made absolutely clear who is in charge."

Now with regard to Iraq, LastDayWatchers know and understand the word "Mission Creep" it is a military word used by U.S. Presidents and their various intelligence agency's what they use to describe the undesirable results and consequences from the continual changing of objectives to the mission over time.

Iraq which is a severe case of "Mission Creep" which get creepier with each passing day, notice how each time you receive tragic new from Iraq accompanied with that new is the Trojan horse of propaganda.

That subliminally frame you with repeated buzz-word "overall violence is down" for Iraq and"better then expected" for the economy

So when you read or hear the news about thousands of job being cut, or a millions dollars shortfall, watch and see that no sooner you are told they (the media) add the Trojan horse that 5,000 job loss figure is "better then expected"
(hint: things are not bad as as they seem)

Here a example of Iraq just for the month of June 09

6/30 "Iraqi security forces jubilantly paraded in tanks and armoured vehicles on Tuesday as they took control of towns and cities, but the celebrations were marred by a car bomb that killed 27 people."

6/25 "Four Iraqi policemen were killed on Thursday in two separate incidents near the former insurgent stronghold of Fallujah."

6/25 "The bombing of a Baghdad bus station Thursday pushed the death toll from a weeklong series of blasts near Shiite targets to about 200."

6/24 "A bomb killed at least 72 people on Wednesday at a busy market in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City slum."

6/22 "A bomb devastated a minibus carrying students in Baghdad on Monday, one of a string of blasts across Iraq that killed 27 people"

6/21 "Insurgents have shot dead nine police in Iraq's two most populous cities of Baghdad and Mosul, police officials said on Sunday."

6/20 "A suicide bomber killed 67 people on Saturday as they left a mosque, in Baghdad"

6/16 "A US soldier was killed and six people were wounded in violence across Iraq on Tuesday"

6/12 "The U.S. military says an American soldier has been killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq Friday during combat operations in Baghdad."

6/11 "An Iraqi man was killed and an American soldier was among those wounded in an attack on a US military patrol in Baghdad on Thursday"

6/10 "A car bomb ripped through a crowded market in southern Iraq on Wednesday, killing at least 33 people"

6/07 "At least seven people have been killed and dozens wounded in Baghdad after a bomb planted on a minibus exploded"

6/05 "The U.S. military on Friday reported two American troop deaths in Iraq, a soldier was killed in a grenade attack north of Baghdad."

6/04 "Nine civilians were killed and 31 others were wounded when a bomb exploded inside a coffee shop in southern Baghdad."

6/2 "An American soldier was killed by a roadside bomb that struck his patrol in eastern Baghdad, the US army said on Tuesday."

6/1 "A bomb exploded Monday at a wholesale produce market in southern Baghdad, killing four people and wounding 14"


take a look at these photos of Orion so that you may come to know the truth that has been written therein by the handiwork of God
Remember the May 15th Prophecy told you in the previous post
(See:The May 15th Prophecy Another Year in Review, What Is Not)

I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel

I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her Offspring; He will bruise and tread your head underfoot, and you will lie in wait and bruise His heel

Is that not written in the stars?

Notice the symbol of the Son is the heal or foot, and the symbol for the Father is the head or Godhead!

The May 15th Prophecy already pointed out to you earlier in this post the bruising of the heal was fulfill at Calvary, which was part 1 of that 2 part prophecy with 100% accuracy

The second part of that prophecy is when the Son get his revenge "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord" at Armageddon

(*Sidebar note for the wise* One of the way you can tell the Anti-Christ (the Beast) is the Son of Satan is pictured in Habakkuk 3:13)

The 3rd chapter of Habakkuk with 100% accuracy give the description of the Son on the march to set up his kingdom , Habakkuk 3:13 is a picture of Armageddon.

The Holy Spirit just like he did with King David in Psalm 22 guides the pen of Habakkuk to describe the rise of the Anti-Christ which start from Iraq by the power vacuum created by the "the proud man [the Chaldean Invader]" who is the Pawn of Satan Fire Starter (Only you LastDayWatchers know who that is)

Which start the domino effect for the 3 horn to be uprooted and bring about the devastation written in the 2 chapter which overwhelms the whole world, then Jesus start his march in the 3rd chapter calumniating in the 13th verse

Thou wentest forth for the salvation of thy people, even for salvation with thine anointed; thou woundedst the head out of the house of the wicked, by discovering the foundation unto the neck. Selah.

Hebrew Names Version
You went forth for the salvation of your people, For the salvation of your anointed. You crushed the head of the land of wickedness. You stripped them HEAD TO FOOT. Selah

New Living Translation
You went out to rescue your chosen people, to save your anointed ones. You crushed the heads of the wicked and laid bare their bones from HEAD TO TOE

The Hebrew version is the more accurate translation because the picture the Holy Spirit is painting is to emphasize the crushing of the head to fulfill with 100% accuracy the crushing of the head in Genesis 3

So the foundation of the head is not the is not neck, it the feet; use common sense your foundation is your feet not your neck!

So when Jesus come to crushed the "HEAD of the house of the wicked" which is the FATHER of Lies Satan, he will also destroy his SON (toe) feet.

Did not Danial also say the uncut stone (Jesus, but think pyramid) would destroy the toe's of feet which make the head whither away into dust?

So now you know with 100% accuracy the symbol of the son is the feet and the symbol of the father is the head and Habakkuk make clear what gonna happen to the HEAD of the house of the wicked!

That for you LastDayWatchers correct calculation that bring froward confirmation that only God can do, while everybody else just lead you to curiosity which led to confusion

Case in point, take a look at these photos

LastDayWatchers you will commonly find these and such pictures in the work of men who have studied the pyramid and have academically pursued it true meaning, men who are good seeker and I presume good men as well

By clicking on the name you will be link to the book and/or website of some of these leading voices of study of the pyramid

(Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Peter Lemesurier, Peter Tompkins, and the best of them all is Adam Rutherford)

If you want to learn more about the pyramid read these guys books because they capture the intricate details that you want get with your basic run of the mill books they teach you in the school systems which are filled with false history and facts

However as great as informational sources that their books are, when it come to prophecy their book ain't worth shit!

Because they all contain a fatal flaws, look again at the Orion photos and see how they all concentrate on the belt of Orion and not the foot!

Just like this pop culture advertising photo from NASA

By concentrating on the belt which is just a marker point that should led them to the glorious truth of the foot, which all of them sorly missed but that is to be expected when man use their own intelligence

Therefore they do not understand the correct calculations because they do not know when Rigol (Rigel) shall shine.

In closing the May 15th Prophecy would have you be mindful of what is happening in one of the 10 horn areas of the Beast namely Macedonia

Alexander the Great's statue stirs Balkan passions

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — As an exercise in nation-building, Macedonia's latest effort is pretty audacious — an eight-story-high statue of Alexander the Great on horseback, in the center of the capital., meanwhile, Macedonia's prime minister, 38-year-old Nikola Gruevski, is pushing ahead with his plans to honor Alexander astride his horse, Bucephalus. The 22-meter- (72-foot-) high statue in bronze is being molded in Florence and will go up in 2010.

Macedonians plan to build a 22-meter (72-foot) statue of Alexander the Great in Skopje's main square, dwarfing any other building in the capital's center and outraging neighboring Greece _ where the ancient warrior king was voted recently as the greatest Greek of all times. The bronze statue is being made in Florence at a cost of $5.5 million and will be erected in 2010.

Why now? you may ask, remember it was that May 15th Prophecy that told you in the postIran-Iraq and the 10 who give their power to the Hidden Imam
"#10.Macedonia will say "my beloveth Son has brought peace to the nations"
To fulfill And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

LastDayWatchers continue to watch which is your faithful duty and pray alway that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man and you will know with 100% accuracy when the foot shall crush the head and the exact time Rigol shall shine!

Until we blog again Selah then watch!

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