Friday, November 13, 2015

Binocular Snapshot for 11/13/2015

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"we’re not quite ready to consider this, we don’t want the clock to start ticking."(Translation: they did not want a paper trail to show that they’d been warned.)

“It was very evident that we were going to be struck, we were gonna be struck hard and lots of Americans were going to die,” Black told Politico of the CIA’s threat assessment in May of 2001.

Tenet vividly recalls the White House meeting with Rice and her team. (George W. Bush was on a trip to Boston.) “Rich Blee started by saying, ‘There will be significant terrorist attacks against the United States in the coming weeks or months, the attacks will be spectacular, they may be multiple; Al Qaeda's intention is the destruction of the United States.’"

[Condi said:] ‘What do you think we need to do?’ Black responded by slamming his fist on the table, and saying, ‘We need to go on a wartime footing now!’ ”

When Whipple asked Black what happened about that warning, he responded in bemusement. “Yeah. What did happen?” he said. “To me it remains incomprehensible still. I mean, how is it that you could warn senior people so many times and nothing actually happened? It’s kind of like The Twilight Zone.”


01:20 - Three suspected jihadists dead, three suspected jihadists were killed when police stormed the Bataclan, reports AFP, quoting security sources. President Hollande is on his way to the site.

01:19 - Eyewitness inside the concert hall, a man named Paul at the Bataclan concert hall, which is just around the corner from Charlie Hebdo offices, told The Local about the moments the attackers went on the rampage.

“They didn’t shout anything; they didn’t say anything,” he said of the assailants. “They were just shooting [at] people.” He said he saw at least 20 bodies. “Some were dead. Others were very badly wounded,” he said. Roughly 1,000 people were attending the concert in the relatively small venue, he said.

Lafi Yusuf Awad, 22 years old, from the village of Budrus in the district of Ramallah, (killed) by a bullet from Israeli forces", also  earlier Friday, a Palestinian teenager in al-Khalil succumbed to his wounds after being shot by Israeli troops a day earlier.

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