Monday, October 12, 2015

Collection #45

God on May 15th 2007 declared to his faithful what would soon occur for these last days, which have become known as the +May 15th Prophecy God has given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and also the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit for the Lord God does nothing without 1st revealing his secret to his servants the prophets, therefore no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit, therefore their prophecy is true and correct

5-15-07 May 15th 2007
 The Prophecy that started it all for the things to come for this generation.

5-24-07 May 24th 2007
 Articles that shed light to May 15 Prophecy

5-30-07 May 30th 2007
 Describe the meaning and importance of the ummah and offer more evidence of the uprooting

5-31-07 May 31th 2007
 Show the Turkey incursion in Kurd Iraq is but a preview of the destabilizing action of the Beast

6-06-07 June 6th 2007
 Give the detail on the loss of power and influence of Israel,U.S and Britain

6-08-07 June 8th 2007
 Give the location of where the Beast come from and what 3 horns he will uproot

6-11-07 June 11th 2007
 The Beast the 10 Toes and 10 Horns" Shows who are the 10 toes and 10 horns of Daniel Image

6-13-07 June 13th 2007
Tell who the Antichrist is and what past role he played in history

6-18-07 June 18th 2007
The Time of Jacob's Troubles
 Tell of the failure of Jacob and his descendants and who are the terrorist

6-25-07 June 25th 2007
Declare Lebanon fallen as the 2 rib and horn tells how the Hidden Imam is guiding the Ummah through the Spirit of Iniquity

7-03-07 July 3rd 2007
Tells the vital role Iran plays in uprooting the 3 nations of the Beast, give warning to the false prophets and their false interpretation of a revived Roman Empire.

7-07-07 July 7th 2007
A complete review of the accurateness and precision with added detail of the prophecy given on May 15th 2007

7-12-07 July 12 2007
Explain the exact detail of the role of Iran who will rise and Iraq who will lead the power of the Hidden Imam and the 10 horn of power he ride upon to rule the world

7-27-07 July 27th 2007
Tell of the 6 Insurrection the Evil one has inspired in all the dispensations of time prehistoric-to-now

8-13-07 August 13th 2007
More evidence that the descendant nations of Jacob have been turn over to a strong delusion of a lie that they may be dame to fulfill God Word in Deuteronomy 28

8-29-07 August 29th 2007
Give updated on the 10 who will give power to the Beast and show that a power vacuum is about to take place

9-10-07 September 10th 2007
Tell the important of September, give meaning of the word "SELAH",video clips of end of the world, 9-11 attacks and Doc

9-14-07 September 14th 2007
Tell of the important and how rare the May 15th Prophecy is and issues a challenge to anyone to prove prophecy, appeal to the faithful to take up the challenge of being a Herald

9-27-07 September 27 2007
Give a full review of the continued uprising of the beast, and show the curse of God is in full effect.

Give more detail of demon-spirit Son of Satan and how he prospers by casting down truth, gives video evidence of how turn over the U.S are as they continue to believe a lie

10-24-07 October 24th 2007
Give the chronicle of the May 15th Prophecy, show how the Armenian Genocide Resolution is farther evidence of how lost the souls of the descendant nations of Jacob have become, explain the prophesy of Jeremiah to the false prophets are for the book sellers of today

11-02-07 November 2nd 2007
Give the correct meaning and interpretation of the the woman of Revelation 12:6, show the meaning of God Patience and show why God word of deliverance can be known and have been known for ages assuring deliverance for those who know about it.

11-05-07 November 5th 2007
Remind you Last Day Watchers to watch the civil war that is about to break out in Lebanon, tell how blind and incompetent President Bush is in reading the eyes to the soul, show video clips of Secretary of State Armenian Genocide testimony to congress, video of the President defending the beastly kingdom of Turkey, video of Israel faithless silent and active killing of the Armenian Genocide Resolution, video that show the turn over state of the President.

11-26-07 November 26th 2007
Show that the prophet Habakkuk single out President Bush Administration who he describe as the Chaldean Invader arrogant and proud who would be weighted down because of his attempt for ill gotten gains,show 9-11 response was prophesied by Habakkuk, declare there will be no peace treaty for the Annapolis conference only violent set for Lebanon, give warning those who take the prophecy lightly.

12-11-07 December 11th 2007
Contain reveling video links to Israel Secret Weapons Program with a special look at Jewish biological attack on Lebanon, a link to Bush Family Fortunes, and video clips of a few of the false prophets (John Hagee,Hal Lindsey,Joel Rosenberg and Benny Hinn)
The angels stayed Abraham hand from OFFERING his son Issac, and Abraham OFFERED a ram to God instead.