Friday, March 20, 2015

Binocular Snapshot for 03/20/2015

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Of course the Iranian state is a bigger threat than the Islamic State, but that's not saying much.

Saying that one actor is a bigger strategic threat than another actor cannot and should not rule out tactical cooperation as a policy option, if it does, then

We’re living in a world where dumb political rhetoric trumps foreign policy analysis.

There are a lot of people in Washington right now who mimic the arguments above, asserting U.S.-Iranian relations should be viewed through a strict zero-sum lens.

These 4 commenters whose ID are Oakes, jp1943, spiral2014 and eduvina41 are so correct & spot on in their assessment on this Washington Post article thread, that I must repeat them below

Oaker = Any Iranian hegemony, or the threats of it becoming a reality, in the Middle East should be laid at the feet of Dick Cheney and the neocons.

Their invasion of Iraq opened the door for the Iranian domination they seem to fear, personally, if given a choice, I'd take the Iranians over ISIS anytime. 

The Iranians may call us the great Satan, and chant "death to America" and all that jazz (and we call them bad names, too), but they don't seek to slash American throats, or blow up American planes and buildings, same thing goes for Syria's Assad, I would rather he remained Syria's president than have ISIS chopping off heads in the entire country.

By the way, wasn't it a few months ago that these same anti-Iranian folks told us "ISIS is the biggest threat" to Americans? Now it's the Iranians? They should make up their minds.

jp1943 = The lack of critical thinking regarding Iran is dangerous and self-defeating for the U.S.. Why wouldn't Iran try to control areas that are in its sphere of influence especially after the Bush administration destroyed Iraq as a functioning country.

Saudi Arabia, another nasty, repressive country is the real enemy. They have spent millions of petrol dollars and many years spreading their medieval brand of Islam from Pakistan to Yemen.

Iran has reason to distrust the U.S. after we and the British assassinated its president in 1953 because he wanted to nationalize its oil industry. We then propped up the Shah's brutal, repressive regime for 25 years leading to the revolution.

Petraeus has proven he lacks the necessary judgement to be taken seriously.

spiral2014 = Iran is a bigger threat to US than ISIS." This whole notion is such a crap to keep our public in fear and on the path to perpetual war. I say this because:

  • ISIS is our (meaning United States) creation,

  • The Sunni - Shite divide has been a fault line that we have exploited and exasperated to keep the Sunni oil kingdom on a leash,

  • Iran is a threat to us (meaning the United Staes) only because we have been a threat to them ever since 1979. We are trying to change a force of nature...Iran is much bigger country and it wants to and deserves to play a major role in their OWN BACKYARD.

  • The Iran nuclear program is no threat to any one who looks at it realistically, it is only a threat because it removes the ability of Israel and USA to blackmail them at every occasion

  • The saudis are scared because they have oppressed their own shite minority and the fact is that ALL their oil wealth is in the eastern region - a shite majority region. Our policy is all oil driven and we have backed every possible despotic regime in that goal.

Our best strategy should be to come to terms with Iran, 

By Israel in its place and we will see all the regional players finding their own balance rather than have a power balance imposed externally to the region (through our power).

eduvina41= Whose interests are being served by a war with Iran.

The author presents a clinical description of war...

Not the death, destruction and economic and environmental costs to Iran and the region.

Also, of course...

Not the economic and human costs of war.

Not the body bags that will come home....

Not the veterans who will be injured in body and mind.

Think about it. The wars in the middle east will cost the United States two or three or four more trillion dollars, all things factored in.

Whose interests are served?, Israel?, Saudi Arabia? Russia? China....

The results will be a weakened and exhausted America.

And who will benefit, whose interests are being served?, damn all of you who speak so lightly of war

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