Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Binocular Snapshot 03/03/2015 a "Premium Report"

LastDayWatchers watch how Netanyahu faithless posture is like a blind man who fail to understand

At the top of the list of questions the Prime Minister failed to address is how such a scenario in the wake of "no deal" would actually make Israel safer?

Without a deal, Iran would revert to building up its stockpile of nuclear uranium, while the international community would lose the ability to monitor and track Iran's activities.
Iran will install and operate advanced centrifuges, Iran will seek to fuel its (plutonium) reactor in Arak, Iran will rebuild its uranium stockpile. And, we'll lose the unprecedented inspections and transparency we have today.

And if the United States was seen as walking away from a possible agreement, the international sanctions regime would likely crumble, not strengthen.

There are, in fact, more pressing dangers to Israel than Iran’s nuclear reactors, here are 4 genuine dangers to Israel, about which Netanyahu didn't saying anything about

  • 1. Israel’s continued program of flooding its own citizens into the Occupied Palestinian West Bank is a serious war crime for which the country may yet be charged at the International Criminal Court

  • 2. Israel’s continued de facto opposition to Palestinian statehood leaves Palestinians stateless and without the rights of citizenship, or indeed, any basic human rights– to their own property, to freedom of movement to hospitals or shopping, to water and other resources, to peaceable assembly and protest– in short, to basic human rights

  • 3. Israel military has targeted the enemy of the Support Front in Golan, Lebanon’s Hizbullah, but hasn’t hit al-Qaeda with air strikes. If al-Qaeda is holding territory and it is bordering Israel, I’d say that is a security issue.

  • 4.Israel has done nothing, repeat nothing, to ISIL, an organization that France and Britain see as an existential threat to Europe has elicited only yawns in Israel’s Ministry of Defense, if Syrian civil and ISIL aren’t a threat to Israeli security, it is hard to think of what could be.

These are the real security threats Israel faces, which are in the present. Netanyahu does not want to do the right thing with regard to the Palestinians, and he is unconcerned by the Syrian developments because he holds the incorrect theory that Israel is better off if the Arabs are busy with one another

The speech was "fear-mongering" that was "straight out of the Dick Cheney playbook," congressman John Yarmuth told reporters, referring to the hawkish Bush-era vice president.

The speech was one of the most contentious in years in the House, and as many as 60 Democrats stayed away.

I've listened to his alarmist predictions, I listened to him cheerlead for the United States' greatest single blunder in our history, the Iraq war," congressman Earl Blumenauer said
"What I heard today felt to me like an effort to stampede the United States into war once again," Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky said
Several US Democrats irate over Netanyahu addressing Congress over Iran's nuclear program on Tuesday accused the Israeli prime minister of fear-mongering.

The interests of Israel will decrease, while the interest of Little Horn and the 3 horns areas will increase
IRGC-QF Commander Soleimani among Iran-led coalition commanders at Samara, Iraq during Battle of Tikrit

So will God Curse continue upon the home state of the Pawn of Satan George W Bush just as the May 15th Prophecy  told you would occur with 100% accuracy

In 2006, O.C. Fisher was near historically low levels, but this is full considering what was to come
This is a closer view of O.C. Fisher using the current Google satellite view. On March 3, 2015, O.C. Fisher Lake was at 1.1% full, according to the Texas Water Development Board.

Today the lake is at 1.1 percent capacity, which is only enough to get one Alamodome to a three-quarter level; a pond by comparison.

Therefore see how the contractions to the birth pains  speaks on the same day the hypocrital one (Netanyahu) gave his speech

The eruption had caused numerous rivers in the area to rise as snow along the sides of the volcano began melting, Villarrica is covered by a glacier cap covering some 40 square kilometers (15 square miles) and snow from about 1,500 meters (about 5,000 feet) on up.

Therefore watch and see what happen next written at LastDayWatchers