Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Binocular Snapshot for 02/17/2015

LastDayWatchers watch God promised curse upon the Pawn of Satan George W Bush house, which he May 15th Prophecy pointed out to you with 100% accuracy, in the post  the Perpetual Seal

I the Lord of Host have set a perpetual sealed upon thy house; never again will anyone from thy house, thy families house or thy political house; the Republican party; ever be elected to the office of Commander and Chief ever again.

And because thou have not repented of the shame you have brought to thou house, which have cause you to sin against thy soul for invading Iraq I will cause this perpetual seal to be an everlasting covenant

There was a brief moment at the dawn of the Arab Spring when conservatives were crediting Bush's pro-democracy agenda for a wave of anti-authoritarian protests across the region, but you don't hear them saying that anymore.

Iraq was a really, really bad idea, and nothing has changed that, George W. Bush's Iraq war was a horrible blunder the worst foreign policy disaster since Vietnam.

George W. Bush, it would be unfair to lay the entire economic collapse at his feet, it's clear that the financial crisis stemmed from a stew of GOP policies, from deregulation to crony capitalism to overly prizing homeownership. Again, not great. Not even good.

There's the economy, Bush entered office with a budget surplus,then gave way to huge debt, there's all the rest of it: Katrina, Scooter Libby, torture, wiretapping, Dick Cheney, and on and on and on, Jeb Bush would have to come up with a way to disown his brother's legacy and so far he has only embraced it.

Once the Bush years are relitigated in the context of a hyper-competitive presidential race in which another Bush is on the ballot, voter will see this.

As the failures of Israel mount up

The Arab Spring brought with it a regional upheaval that utterly transformed Lebanon, portending a particularly bleak future for those who are not supporters of radical Sunni militias or Hezbollah affiliates.

There is no more separation between President Bashar Assad’s forces in Syria and Nasrallah’s organization in Lebanon; they are now single entity that controls parts of Syria and Lebanon; the sliver of Syria controlled by Assad has become part of Hezbollah’s, or rather Iran’s, the old countries have died; long live the smaller Greater Syria under Iran’s control.

The attack in Logar province outside the capital, Kabul, was the latest to target Afghan security forces following the withdrawal of most foreign combat troops last year after 13 years of war.

Just as it has been written down at LastDayWatchers

God has called for Jihad & has privileged the warriors, it is necessary, then, to learn these conditions & etiquettes of jihad thoroughly