Monday, February 16, 2015

Binocular Snapshot for 02/16/2015

LastDayWatchers it was the May 15th Prophecy that told you in the Pawn of Satan post - President Bush who is the proud man spoken of by God prophet Habakkuk who will bring shame to his house; is the same man who is cursed for taking that which is not his; will continue to load up on debt he cannot repay (with what he must repay!).

Satan has appointed his pawn(President Bush) to be his fire starter, who will start so many fires it will be impossible to help in time!

Thus saith The Word of God - You have plundered many nations; now they will plunder you. You murderers! You have filled the countryside with violence and all the cities, too.

LastDayWatchers it is important for you to know; and for the soldiers who have been misused by this fire starter to know; that God has heard your cries and prayers of your anger, bewilderment and bereavement.

God has therefore informed me to let you know and for you to take comfort in the fact that the U.S. and British armed forces in Iraq are there against his will which has been spoken of by his prophet Habakkuk, Consider it is not from the Lord of Host, that the people are working for fire, and using themselves up for nothing; take that to heart LastDayWatchers!

Republican North Carolina representative Walter Jones declared in a speech at the eighth annual Students for Liberty Conference

The debt was at $5.6 trillion. It’s now over $18 trillion! Why are we still trying to be the world’s policeman when we can’t even pay our own policemen?

Even the Johnny Come Lately's have to concede

Netanyahu has failed on Iran, now he is desperate, due to panic and being under pressure; he is willing to sacrifice relations with the United States just to deliver an insignificant speech.

While the interests to the "Estate" of the little horn; along with the 3 uprooted horns (Iraq, Lebanon and Syria) will continue to increase, even as the interest of Israel (lost & found) continues to decrease

They are also entrenching Iran’s already substantial hold over Iraq in ways that may prove difficult to reverse. Backed and in some instances armed and funded by Iran, the militias openly proclaim allegiance to Tehran.

Whatever the circumstance, we firmly support talks, oppose the use of violence and disapprove unilateral sanctions

In the current atmosphere, it will even be hard to muster bipartisan support for sanctions if the talks fail. With his own hands, Netanyahu, who made blocking Iran’s nuclear aspirations the cornerstone of his foreign policy, has destroyed the linchpin of American support for this cause.

It obviously won’t be easy for Netanyahu to admit his grave mistake and acknowledge the serious damage done. The only thing more dangerous for Israel than Iranian nukes is undermined relations with America.

Just as it has been written down with 100% accuracy at LastDayWatchers