Friday, February 13, 2015

Binocular Snapshot for 02/13/2015

LastDayWatchers watch and you will see the truth to what the May 15th Prophecy told you would occur with 100% accuracy, namely the so-called Awakening will continue to be put to sleep

beginning in mid-2004, the province’s tribal leaders began to shift their allegiance away from al Qaeda, choosing instead to force the terrorist group out of the region. The United States supported this so-called Anbar Awakening with arms and ammunition.

To Abu Risha, the Islamic State attack on his compound “symbolized what every Sunni in Anbar faces every day, “We’re frustrated, we’re angry and we’re facing a disaster,” Anbar Governor Sohaib al-Rawi told me the evening before his flight back to Iraq.

The onslaught rapidly advanced across the Syrian border where captured territories in both countries were proclaimed part of the group’s caliphate.

Just as the Prophecy told you about the congealing of the 3 horns into a single force

"The military operation launched by the Syrian army in the south continues under the leadership of Syrian President Bashar Assad and in cooperation with the axis of resistance, the Al Mayadeen network has begun referring to the "Syrian army and the resistance" as a single force when referring to the onslaught.

Hezbollah have also been openly admitting that the operation is by the "axis of resistance" and not just the Syrian army.

The axis is currently testing its capability for joint military action in the field, and it appears that the initial results surpass all expectations, within 48 hours, goals were achieved for which ten days were allocated
The operation has four strategic goals: - 1.The first is to prevent the Israeli buffer zone protected by al-Nusra Front.

2. Is to consolidate the defense around Damascus.

3. Is directly related to the resistance in Lebanon, which is trying to prevent the opening of a southeastern front (near the Lebanese border), which would exhaust it and involve it in a war of attrition.

4. Is to block the American plan to open a war against Syria using the Jordanian option.
 Soleimani participated in a ceremony taking place in southeast Syria marking the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and praised Hezbollah's attack at Mount Dov last month, which, he said, succeeded despite the fact that the IDF was at peak alertness in preparation for an expected response to the strike attributed to Israel in Quinetra.

He added that global Zionism has been suffering more and more defeats by the "resistance", and that one could see the Islamic Revolution's effects in the entire region between Bahrain and North Africa.

The strategic alliance between Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Iraq is now characterized by a unity of military forces and a unity of military theaters vis-à-vis ISIS and Israel.

Force integration among Hezbollah’s Resistance Army, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Syrian armed forces and Iraqi militias has led to the emergence of a single military front.

“We are one with Hezbollah. Wherever the blood of our martyrs is spilled on the front line, our response will be one.”, this new regional security architecture has dire implications for Israel. In the next war, Israel not only has to contend with offensive military operations in the Galilee and “beyond the Galilee” as Nasrallah recently promised
Hezbollah’s continued prioritization of its resistance activity, while entangled in multiple military theaters across the region, indicates that it has transcended its original, singular mission of resisting Israel.

Therefore watch that you may know what happen next according to God' Word written at LastDayWatchers

Iraqi security forces killed eight ISIS assailants disguised in Iraqi Army uniforms during an attack today against an air base where 320 U.S Marines are currently training Iraqi troops