Thursday, February 5, 2015

Binocular Snapshot for 02/05/2015

Even if Israel could manage without American financial aid and somehow survive without military support, it cannot endure without America's crucial political backing, which is no longer a given because of Netanyahu's six years of defiance and deceit.

The fact that the citizens of Israel will reelect Netanyahu shows how totally faithless and flawed the state of their relationship toward God and a reflection of them as a nation.Selah

Netanyahu is scheduled to deliver his warning to Congress about U.S. negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, usurping the Obama administration position which considers the talks an important diplomatic opening that could lead to the dismantling of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

The speech, which would also come just two weeks before Israeli elections, was widely interpreted as an attempt to rally opposition in Congress, which is considering legislation to try to block a deal.

On the one hand, flat-out opposition would play well with the tea party base, can't look weak, after all; on the other hand, flat-out opposition puts Republican candidates in a tough spot, especially during the general election.

You can count on Iran to make it crystal clear that this is the only deal on the table—and if it's not accepted, they'll accelerate their nuclear program, so if Republicans oppose it, they need to endorse either tougher sanctions or else military action.

The former doesn't have much oomph, and the latter would scare the hell out of mainstream voters.

If the deal looks reasonable to voters, it could become a dangerous campaign issue for Republican candidates.

The resistance’s military, intelligence, and logistical deployment, before giving the attacking group the go-ahead to carry out the operation, covered a very vast area of Lebanon and even Syrian territory, the implication of this is that the resistance has capabilities that should deter the enemy — if, that is, they recognize them.

Just as it have been written down with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy at LastDayWatchers

According to Iranian security officials, the new system is better than the Russian S-300, as it is able to track over 100 targets, just like the Russian system but with a higher targeting capability.