Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Binocular Snapshot for 02/04/2015

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 The “obvious wedge” between Netanyahu and Obama would expose Israel, not Iran, as the “recalcitrant outsider.”

When Netanyahu arranged to appear before both houses of Congress on March 3, proclaiming his speech as designed to derail Obama’s efforts to achieve an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, the prime minister actually gave Iran additional incentive to sign an accord.

Military action will, however, destroy the coalition that have been formed and assure that Iran will accelerate building its nuclear capacity with international support, military action would have consequences far worse that a weak deal or even containment of a nuclear Iran.

The Republican majority in the U.S. Congress led by House Speaker John Boehner, along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama are engaged in a vital debate on how to deal with the Iranian nuclear program: Should we threaten Iran with more sanctions, supposedly the only thing that has brought it to the table? 

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Since Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's fighters stormed their way through much of Iraq last spring and summer, he writes, "coalition airstrikes have resulted in the removal of a number of ISIL senior leaders and degraded the group's ability to operate openly in Iraq and Syria." And ISIL has hit a natural barrier to its expansion as "[s]eizing and holding Shia and Kurdish-populated areas of Iraq...will continue to be difficult."