Monday, December 29, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 12/29/2014

LastDayWatchers for those of you who are faithfully watching, the failures of Israel (lost & found) are clear

There is no improved government in Helmand, heroin production is higher than it was, violence between tribes, families and warlords is more entrenched, Helmand is now more of a recruiting sergeant for terrorism and jihadism than it was; there have been no security gains.

None of the multiple and varying objectives set by three prime ministers and six defence secretaries through our engagement in Helmand province over eight years has been met.

The war against terrorism, developed by George W Bush in the hours after 9/11 with little consultation with his own military or cabinet, let alone his allies, is one of the great failures of the rightwing mind.

The reflex reaction to an act of mass terror was not to outsmart, out-think and marginalise the new enemy – it was to get even by being even more violent, lawless and vicious, leading Nato into the Afghan quagmire, and the coalition in Iraq.

Two trillion dollars later and hundreds of thousand dead and displaced, the world is predictably much less safe for the west than it was, jihadism is much more entrenched.

The "transition" in Afghanistan from a U.S.-run war to an Afghan-run war has been the subject of intense debate for several years. But somehow, no one considered logistics.

Both Washington and Baghdad said Iraq was ready to defend itself. The rise of radical Sunni group Islamic State has proven that belief wrong.

This is how the new Iraq is being forged: block by block, house by house, village by village, mostly out of sight and control of officials in Baghdad.

Because God's Word
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