Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 12/23/2014

LastDayWatchers watch as the failures of Israel (lost & found) mount up

The year has also hit a new high for civilian deaths in the fighting, which the United Nations estimates will exceed 10,000 by the end of 2014.

Wounded police officers at Emergency expressed concern at the increased scale of the fighting.

“Only the asphalt road is under the control of the government in Sangin. Everything else is Taliban,”

LastDayWatchers watch this video particularly these 4 takeaways

1. There are 22 veterans committing suicide every day - :47 (seconds in)

2. Listen to what Cpt John Urquhart has to say - (remember this is not coming from some leftist or someone who hate America, rather some who is fighting on the frontline for America) notice the lack of loss of respect for the former commander in chief George W Bush - 1:03 to 1:30 minutes in 

3. Listen to Staff Sgt Ben Dellinger says when he talk about what he lost,* notice how he does not mention physical stuff rather the spiritual and mental stuff - (this is because he have ingrained into him the virtues of honor,respect,faith which is the good qualities the service teaches, only to see him fighting a dishonorable war, and put in faithless positions) - 1:58 to 2:58

4. Listen to what Sgt Eddie Wright says when adknowledge fruitlessness of their efforts with IsIs what were the leaders particularly past leadership thinking ? - 4:16 - 4:46

Notice how those 3 soldiers represent the best of the heartland of America (the very seat of "support the troops" & "success of the surge" crowd), if they feel that way it should tell you where the rest of the country is at !

No country faces a greater terrorist threat than France, with support for ISIS running deep among disenfranchised immigrant communities in the rundown, crime-ridden banlieus that surround many French towns.

Second, ISIS cannot be defeated militarily, and the airstrikes are just creating more recruits, only the Sunnis can beat ISIS, but right now there is no motivation for them to do that, he says ISIS is intent on conducting the largest religious cleansing in the history of mankind."

This is what I learned in 10 day with ISIS

 Though we’ve received rain, drought is still an issue in Texas and will continue to be an issue in Texas as 35 percent of the state is still in extreme or exceptional drought status, we all remember 2009 and how dry it was,” he said. “In 2011, Texas used 18 million acre feet of water. So, where is the water going to come from?

Just as the May 15th Prophecy have written it down with 100% accuracy at LastDayWatchers