Monday, December 22, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 12/22/2014

LastDayWatchers when you see the true realities on the ground regarding the areas to the little horn and the three he will uproot, reflecting the truth the May 15th Prophecy told you in 2007 Iran from it “bear” feet position would rise up and strike with its paws 3 nations, which are Horn-Rib #1 Iraq, Horn-Rib #2 Lebanon, and Horn-Rib #3 Syria all to the demise of the interest of Israel and the United States

Iran’s wants regional hegemony, from Persia to Gaza, to put an end to the 80-year Pax Americana that has reigned in the Middle East.

Just as the prophecy told you the truth about the so-called "Awakening" which would and will continue to be put to sleep

But Craig Whiteside was counting, a veteran of the Iraq war and now a professor at the US Naval War College, Whiteside has identified 1345 members of the Awakening or Sahwa movement - Sunni tribesmen who fought against al-Qaeda - who have been executed, in what he bills as the most successful assassination campaign since the Viet Cong's attack on the Diem regime in 1959-60.

Just as it told you the US military might will not be able to overcome the position of the little horn

"Last week a U-2 spy plane was tracked in the proximity of our country's borders; our missile systems came into action and we warned the aircraft and made it make a U-turn," Gen. Esmayeeli said, addressing a students gathering in the Northeastern city of Mashhad marking the national Students Day on December 7.

Therefore see the truth on what happen next with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers