Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 10/14/2014

LastDayWatchers understand and know

If only President Bush had used more troops, invaded additional countrie, engaged in more killing and conducted a longer occupation, then all would have been well.

Indeed, Iraq hawks claimed, the fault for Iraq’s collapse was entirely President Obama’s since he followed the Bush withdrawal schedule, given the disastrous experience of the Bush foreign policy, what responsible U.S. official would conform to the Bush timetable?,

President Obama should have known the result would be failure, thus, he should have told the war-weary American people that the U.S. could never leave Iraq, even if the Iraqi people also rejected a continuing U.S. military presence.
The local government in the Sunni-dominated Anbar province sent a written request to the Iraqi parliament, asking it to request US ground troops in an effort to save other towns and cities near Baghdad."There is no solution but to get the US military to intervene on the ground, Iraq is now like a drowning man who has no choice but to ask for help, we can not stop the militants’ advance… What we really need are US elite troops”

Thus saith the Word of God "The Awakening will continue to be put to sleep"

Anbar’s police chief, Lieutenant General Ahmad Sadak al-Dulaimi, was killed alongside four bodyguards when their convoy was hit by roadside bombs on Sunday, military officials said, he had been fighting ISIL members who were trying to gain control in northern Ramadi.
ISIL fighters last week overran the town of Hiit in Anbar, and have since besieged dozens of villages around the nearby town of Haditha, which remains under the control of Iraqi forces and anti-ISIL Sunni tribesmen.

Nasrallah met with the generals and militants of Hezbollah in the Bekaa, despite the security hazards and frequent terrorist attacks carried out by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Syria’s al-Qaeda branch al-Nusra Front

“He is sending a message to the U.S. about their influence,and there is a message to the Arabs that they too have to deal with Iran.”

Written with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers