Saturday, October 11, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 10/11/2014

LastDayWatchers here is some INFO ON TAP

US boots on the ground ?

Noted one US pilot, also warned that air strikes were being compromised as a result.

Delivered through Turkey but then obtained by al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, then passed to ISIL.
ISIL publicity photos (sequence right to left) depicting FeiNu-6 missile closing and scoring hit on IqAAC Bell IA-407 armed scout helicopter crashes to ground, aircrew KIA.

Man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS)

Hot and bone-dry, setting a new record at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport with just 0.08 of an inch of rain, Lake Ray Hubbard, reached their lowest levels ever, moisture was so low that Tarrant County went under an outdoor burn ban, the first since January 2013.

Water levels at key reservoirs dipped lower and lower

Indonesia and Japan have both been hit with a deadly volcano eruption in both nations, which has left dozens dead, many missing, and still others in harms way as hundreds of people flee for safety.