Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 10/07/2014

LastDayWatchers watch how trouble from the north grows

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner deemed the attack an “unprovoked aggression,” saying that the Israeli army would “continue to operate to maintain safety of the northern Israel.”

Two scenarios being examined: one, the bomb was planted by Hezbollah in response to Israel firing at the Lebanese Army patrol Sunday; or two, that Israel had gone to the site to inspect a suspected bomb, setting it off in the process.

“They would be running an operation for detailed radio technical intelligence, we are not talking about intercepting telemetry and aircraft, this is for eavesdropping on rebel radio communications, cell communications are easier identified through other means this is also for identifying the presence of these units, which leads directly into targeting.”

The capture of Kobani would give ISIS control of a large swath of land bordering Turkey and eliminate a vital pocket of Kurdish resistance.

This “gave a false encouragement to the opposition and...led neighboring states, particularly Turkey, to support the insurgency.” It also complicated negotiations: “After all, why should the opposition support a settlement if no less than the President of the United States announces that Assad’s removal is imminent and inevitable?”
Vice President Biden’s charge that the Gulf States were driven to error by their eagerness to take down Assad is rather rich with truth, despite more than three years without success; the administration is sticking by its insistence that Assad must go.

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