Monday, September 22, 2014

Extra Binocular Snapshot for 09/22/2014

LastDayWatchers as you watch; you will see the May 15th Prophecy being 100% accurate regarding the Opening to the Gates of Islam informing you the gates represent Sudan & Yemen who for centuries have been ruled by the Sunni in thought, power and deed

However, the Shi'i Muslims recognized "human reasoning and intellect as a legal source that supplements the Quran and other revealed texts," thus continuing to acknowledge the importance of ijtihad.
Sunni movement towards taqlid during this era, some Western scholars today argue that this period led to the notion of the "closure of the doors of ijtihad" in Islam, Joseph Schacht, a well-known Western scholar argued, "closure of the door of ijtihad" had occurred by the beginning of the 10th century CE: "hence a consensus gradually established itself to the effect that from that time onwards no one could be deemed to have the necessary qualifications for independent reasoning in religious law, and that all future activity would have to be confined to the explanation, application, and, at the most, interpretation of the doctrine as it had been laid down once and for all.
Paradigm shift, the prophecy told you in spite of the century norms of Sunni influence in the mist of their strongholds of the Gates of Islam (Sudan and Yemen) you would soon see the reversal in thought, power and deed favoring the Shia signifying the opening of the gates at the same time the 3 horns (Iraq, Lebanon and Syria) would be uprooted,  then the lawless one will be reveled, from the estate of the little horn

Peace deal between government and Shia rebels signed after violent clashes lead to resignation of Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Bassindwa

The world will wake today to a new Yemen, whose political features have radically changed after the Houthis managed to abort the configuration set up by the Gulf states together with the US following the resignation of [former President] Ali Abdullah Saleh
September 21, 2014 will no doubt be a historical day, the day the Houthis controlled all the levers of the Yemeni regime but without seizing power. The Houthis also succeeded in dealing a deadly blow to the Muslim “Brothers” in Yemen, represented by its two symbols Ali Mohsen al-Ahmed and Abdel Majid al-Zindani

With them, the Qatari-Turkish influence in the country, yet without antagonizing Saudi Arabia, which seems to be resigned to the emerging shift in the balance of power in Sanaa.

The agreement was preceded by a complete shift in the balance of power in favor of the Houthis, who were able to take control of the heart of the Yemeni capital and seize the headquarters of the government, the Ministry of Defense, and the army’s general command, in addition to a number of ministries, the state radio and television building, and the central bank, after the army forces tasked with protecting them retreated following orders not to engage the Houthi militants.

In a move that reflects how much control the Houthis have on the ground,

Minister of Interior Major General Abdo Hussein al-Tareb asked all employees of the ministry to avoid friction with Ansar Allah, and to cooperate with them to impose order and preserve public and government properties, which he said belonged to the whole people, deeming Ansar Allah “friends of the police” for the sake of the public interest of the homeland.

You see how these shadows points to the substance, reflecting the truth to what really happening on the ground just as it has been written it down at LastDayWatcher?


In addition to the 40 troops killed in the suicide bombings, 68 Iraqi soldiers were apparently captured by the Islamic State group in Sijir and have likely been taken to the nearby city of Fallujah