Monday, September 15, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 09/15/2014

LastDayWatchers as you watch and witness the so-called Awakening continue to be put to sleep, the results speak for themselves

The abductions, which reportedly occurred Friday, appear to be part of a concerted campaign against Sunnis who challenge the authority of the Al Qaeda breakaway faction, which presents itself as a champion of Sunni Muslims.

Arab tribes reorganizing their ranks and fighting elements of Daesh

Militants from the extremist group stormed the village of Riyadh, about 30 miles west of the city of Kirkuk, rounding up Sunni tribesmen who had previously served as police officers, as soldiers or in anti-Al Qaeda militias (aka The Awakening)

Word of the abductions comes after a number of attacks targeting members of the Sunni Arab Ubayd tribe in Kirkuk province

The effort, dubbed the Awakening, quieted the threat — for a while. But the local leaders who led the tribesmen back then say that this time, the U.S. might have trouble convincing Sunnis to rejoin the fight.

One of those leaders, Ahmed al Qarghouli, says he led 90 men in the Awakening in the province of Anbar, where al-Qaida was strongest, senior tribal sheikh from Anbar, Faris al Dulaimi, sits with Qarghouli as we talk.

A senior tribal sheikh from Anbar, Faris al Dulaimi, knows exactly what he thinks about the Awakening, "The Awakening is dead,"

A quarter of them fought alongside the Islamic State this year

Critics opposed to US involvement in the conflict with the jihadi militants have pointed out that Washington in partnership with its Gulf allies, especially Saudi Arabia, played a role in the formation and expansion of extremist groups like ISIS by arming, financing and politically empowering the armed opposition in Syria.

The Western media and governments bore witness to the inception, growth, and expansion of this radical jihadi group, with funding from the Arab Gulf, sectarian agitation, and political blessing, until ISIS became a monster.
Bandar’s involvement in Syria and the region was stopped, but the ISIS monster had already become bigger, stronger, and richer.

“Today, Saudi citizens continue to represent a significant funding source for Sunni groups operating in Syria. Arab Gulf donors as a whole – of which Saudis are believed to be the most charitable – have funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to Syria in recent years, including to ISIS and other groups.”

Therefore understand

This was already proclaimed to you inside the May 15th Prophecy with 100% accuracy, written at LastDayWatchers


The three survivors, interviewed by phone, told Human Rights Watch that about 70 people from the extended Jurefat family had been living in the school for about two months prior to the attack. The group had fled Tikrit when the Islamic State took that city in late June. ISIS seized control of Al-Alam on June 23 after townspeople fought them for two weeks.