Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 09/03/2014

LastDayWatchers Watch and understand

Not just because so many of their leaders came from the Iraqi army we disbanded, had their beliefs and skills honed in the prisons we set up (Camp Bucca seems to have been the West Point of Iraqi extremism), and gained experience facing U.S. counterterror operations in the “surge” years of the occupation.
In fact, just about everything done in the war on terror has facilitated their rise, after all, we dismantled the Iraqi army and rebuilt one that would flee at the first signs of ISIS’s fighters, abandoning vast stores of Washington's weaponry to them, the US essentially destroyed the Iraqi state, while fostering a Shia leader who would oppress enough Sunnis in enough ways to create a situation in which ISIS would be welcomed or tolerated throughout significant areas of the country.

(excerpt) The characteristic of the faithful; who are few;  is the action to keep "Watch intensely"

The actions of those faithful 300 was to keep their heads-eyes up & on a shrivel; so that they could Continue to watch as they reach down to draw water with their tongues from the cup of their hand, lapping like a dog

The characteristic of the unfaithful who are many; is more then just being afraid & fearful

Because God has also judge not watching as unfaithfulness; bowing down (unable to see what lays ahead) as you drink.

There will be many who will suffer the wrath of God because their posture is unfaithful and incorrect; likewise 

There will be few who will be made into pillars of strength in the house of God.