Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 08/26/2014

LastDayWatchers take notice 

As Palestinian fire continues, Egyptian sources report that a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas goes into effect at 7 p.m. This is confirmed by Israel.

Watch this video; as it displayed what a failure Israel is suffering and will continue to suffer; for believing in their own might!

  • #1. Is it a success to have your citizen hunkering down in bomb shelters for many hours of every day, while million dollars missiles shot shot down hundred dollars rockets?

  • #2. If Israel for all it's might can't stop Hamas from firing, how could they deter Hezbollah?, the Iron Dome might be able to intercept a limited number of rockets but it will face a real issue when there is a large number of rockets.

So when they fail in their confrontation with Gaza, which is besieged and its capabilities are known, then surely they must seriously reconsider their calculations, things are different after the Gaza war than they were before it, all to the detriment of Israel as God removes his right hand to bring about the "Time of Jacob Trouble"

The number represents a steep decline for Netanyahu and shows a steady deterioration over the course of Operation Protective Edge. According to the poll, just four days previously, on August 21, his approval rating was 55%; and three weeks previously, on August 5, his approval rating stood at 63%.

On July 23, shortly after the start of the ground operation in Gaza aimed at destroying Hamas’s “terror tunnels,” Netanyahu’s approval rating was 82%

The “sharp increase in attacks and riots” in the West Bank and Jerusalem also included 35 IEDs, 13 small arms shootings and 459 firebomb attacks, in a West Bank terror attack this past weekend, an Israeli man who was injured when a rock thrown by a Palestinians shattered the windshield of his car has taken a turn for the worse with doctors fearing that he may have suffered permanent brain damage.

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