Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 08/05/2014

LastDayWatchers understand

The lies, the Israeli government and its American defenders have been telling to obscure that context

Holding on to these 3 lies  
  • Lie #1: "The settlements are just a distraction."
  • Lie #2: "But we ended the occupation of Gaza!"
  • Lie #3: "All Israel wants is peace."

American friends of Israel and supporters of the Zionist project — I have always been both — need to stop believing and repeating lies conjured up to justify unjustifiable policies.

Details about the attack at Camp Qargha, a base west of the capital, Kabul, weren't immediately clear.

A number of victims were evacuated by Coalition helicopters following the attack.

The truth to what happen next according to God's Word proclaimed inside the May 15th Prophecy with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers