Monday, August 4, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 08/04/2014

LastDayWatchers as the failures of Israel mount up, so will the contraction to the birth pains

The tragedy is that Israel did not succeed in politically capitalizing on the time that it had bought with the stunning success of the Iron Dome system in 2012. Sterling notes that this has been a common failure historically, often engendered by an excessive perception of reduced threat.

In fact, he calls strategic barriers a “wasting asset,” one whose value decreases over time.

The logic of this suggests that right after Iron Dome performed so apparently spectacularly in 2012, Israel should have pushed hard to settle the underlying Israeli-Palestinian disputes.

This did not happen, obviously, the depressing history of the Israel-Palestine problem suggests that such an effort probably would have failed. On the other hand, it just might have succeeded, and

Certainly the situation would not be any worse now had Israel given it a try.

Several hours after a man driving a digger used his vehicle to flip over a bus, killing one

A gunman on a motorcycle opened fire Monday on a hitchhiking station near Jerusalem's Hebrew University on Mt. Scopus. Several people were wounded in both attacks, a 20-year-old soldier was seriously wounded in the Mt. Scopus attack

“We will not leave the Army alone and we all back the Army whose blood is mixed with citizens confronting the Israeli aggression and in defense of Lebanon and its independence,”

Unrelenting rain and continuing landslides have left many roads in the region too damaged to use

Marking the first eruption of Mount Shindake in 34 years.

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