Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 07/23/2014


The worst government Israel ever had, God always uses the unfaithfulness of strong leaders by hardening their hearts to become blinded by the superior knowledge of wisdom that is in a inferior state
The longest ongoing ethnic cleansing operation in the recent and present centuries, the ongoing attempt to destroy Palestinian nationhood.

Israel does not want a just peace.

The Palestinians use tunnels? So did my heroes, the poorly armed fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Every one of these incidents must be properly and independently investigated,"

There will be BDS

If a rocket can land one mile from the airport, it can land on a plane at the airport just as easily.
In essence, Hamas by targeting the airport (it wasn’t trying to hit a house in Yahoud but rather the runway at Ben Gurion International) has hit upon a new strategy, of imposing willy nilly an international boycott on Israeli aviation.

Israel is vulnerable economically unless it makes peace with the Palestinians by giving up its settler-colonial enterprise.

Both Brazil and Chile have deep economic and military ties with Israel, giving more weight to each nation’s condemnation of the attacks in Gaza.

Written with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers


Lieutenant-Colonel Dolev Keidar, 38, was the commander of the Geffen Battalion. He was killed by an antitank missile when responding to terrorists infiltrating into Israel Monday, July 21. 

After his death, Israeli television replayed clips from a 2009 documentary Keidar took part in, “Waiting for him,” about the families of officers in the IDF and their struggles, Keidar lived in Modiin with his family.