Monday, July 7, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 07/07/2014

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A word of caution on numbers of KIA: The report on this post of 2 KIAs is based on public funerals held for those officers. Not all KIAs, and especially non-senior officers and soldiers, are buried after a public funeral. What we can say for sure is public funerals for two IRGC officers KIA in Iraq have been held so far.

So for example when the Iranian media reports that Col. Alamdari was martyred in defense of the holy shrine in Samarra, does not mean he was necessarily killed anywhere near Samarra.

 This forceful stirring of the pot by Israel, which has involved the detention of hundreds of Palestinians and the death of several of them at the hands of Israeli security forces, helps to put any peace diplomacy even farther out of reach, it enables American supporters of Netanyahu's government to say for the umpteenth time that the time is not “ripe” for peace negotiations—and the government they support will do what it has to do to ensure that the time will never be ripe.